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Hearing protection Hearing protection reduce for noise and relief the ear.and reduce the excessive noise.the hearing protection is often limit limited by workplace.and that is reduce the pain and get back a relief. For these reason you can care your ear and protected them for high volume sound. And the hearing protection guidance every one should apply . you can use some some protection tools which is care your ear.

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Hearing loss symptoms Hearing loss symptoms is common which everyone can’t understand and that ignore make them give life long deafness. Symptoms when you listening the television and radio and music in high volume and its a noisy environment. And they can’t hear what others saying and often people to speak loud.And may be the muffling sound and listening the music very loudly.some time lost One side hearing loss which is so painful and when water going into your ear that’s pain is so high pressure. And such as infection in hearing loss problem.

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Sensorineural hearing Sensorineural hearing is a common hearing loss which is stay life long.and it is damage the tiny hair like the cells of inner ear. These is mainly adult is hearing loss have a sensorineural hearing for life long. And the difficulty for the person who cannot understand the speech and music which have sensorineural hearing loss.

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Conductive hearing: Conductive hearing loss is caused by medical problem.and the obstruction in the outer ear which is blocked the sound getting eardrum. This is mainly permanent but some time people have temporary conductive hearing loss. Which have solution in hospital.

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Test for hearing protection If your know you have hearing loss problem so have to go immediately hearing health protection. They ask you some question and understand your hearing loss system. They are many type of test your hearing loss profession just usually check your hearing ability.with your canals and eardrum.and they using light instrument called octoscope. The determine if something is physical such as ear wax contributed in hearing loss.

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5 Hearing protection tips Take every day noise protection care: firstly when you are worker so you should wear high-quality earplugs and earmuffs. Thes two thing protect you from loud sound. You can wear this anywhere this gives you best protection for your ear care. So workers and other one should try these ear plugs and muffs for protection.

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Never use the stick inside the ear: when you have a problem for in your ear and have a pain so don’t use anything in your ear this is very harmful for you and you have to face such a most painful pain. So don’t try to use stick not this only other similar tools damage your eardrums. If you thing that you have a problem in your ear so consult your hearing protection doctor.

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Quit smoking and keep check your blood sugar: if you smoking they damage your breathing lungs and heart it is literally going to your inside ear canals which damage. And every weak going for check up to your doctor and check your blood sugar.

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Avoid the noise environment : when you in the noice place so use your earmuffs this is protect you for the noise environment and when your are construction work and a traffic noise so wear your earplugs and earmuffs this is protect you for noise environment.

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Use noise protection: Use noise protection means that you feel like that you in the risk you should wear this any wear on the street this is give you a help for protect your ear from noise protection.

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