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List Janitor – Explode Email Marketing Profits With Better Delivery Open Rates Click- Through-Rates List Janitor is The Complete Desktop Based List Cleaning List Management Application. List Janitor Is The Best Email List Cleaning Solution For Email Marketers. What Is List Janitor Did you know that Email Marketing is the Most Powerful Online Marketing system. Every day millions of sales Emails are being sent around the world and someone is getting paid for a sale or a commission all because of the power that their email list holds. If you’re a list marketer you’ve got one of the easiest ways of making money online. However Email List Marketers are getting less profit than they suppose to do. Because no matter how profitable or how lucrative a marketing system is you still need to do it right to make money from it. If you don’t do it right you can’t make money even if the rest of the world seems to be pulling in cartfuls of cash. You’re working very hard on list-building and writing good quality emails with fantastic headlines and superb call-to-actions but you are still making less money than you should because you’re facing problems like these. • Your open rate is lower than you expect it to be. • Your autoresponder doesn’t let you segment lists further. • You are ending up in Promotions tab or even Spam. • Your click through rate is really bad. • You are spending a lot of money on unresponsive subscribers. The fact is that most of these problems are due to an unclean unorganized list. If you had a way to clean your list often without major expense and you could organize your list better you can solve these problems and also get a major boost in your earnings. Does It Make Any Sense At All Not To Have Clean Segmented Lists Why should you still be carrying invalid duplicate bad email addresses

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You can achieve so much more with a more organized list. Specially now when List Janitor makes it simple and inexpensive. No need to pay an online list cleaning service a bomb to get this done. List Janitor is The Complete Desktop Based List Cleaning List Management Application. List Janitor Is The Best Email List Cleaning Solution For You. With its special function it can lists out the invalid duplicate bad email addresses that meets the requirement of Autoresponders SMTP Companies. Also manage any list that you add into the software without spending time and money for any list cleaning service out of the market. How Does List Janitor Work Check Out How Powerful List Janitor Is Import and work with multiple lists all together on the same screen. Powerful list cleaning system cleans your list using Multi-threading technology.

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Unique list management features to help you create more targeted lists for your marketing. Filter and search any email address or group you want. Save lists in .Txt or .CSV format and import them anywhere. Powerful List Segmentation features • Clean your list on your desktop computer without paying a costly list-cleaning service. • Take up any old or new list and clean / segment it in no time. • Removes duplicate emails from single or multiple lists. • Removes role emails spam traps. • Verifies domain validity mail server validity • Verifies each email address exists using SMTP technology. • Lets you merge lists find common or unique addresses from multiple lists and segment lists easily. • Filter and manage email lists on a number of parameters easily. • Create list segments or sub lists on nearly any parameter you want. • Import and manage your list from any autoresponder including Aweber Getresponse etc. with a CSV file. • Generate CSVs that you can import into any autoresponder and also use on SMTP services. Special Features of List Janitor : List Cleaning Features Grow your lists increase conversions and optimise your audience engagement with beautiful emails and autoresponders high-converting web forms laser-sharp segmentation and unique delivery tools.

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List Management Features Plan build and manage individual customer journeys based on your subscribers’ data needs and actions. Use the simple “if-then” logic of conditions actions and filters arranged into workflows.

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Opportunity : Be Able To Change Autoresponders Do you feel locked down by your autoresponder You used their list collection system to build your list and now you’re locked in. You have to tolerate their low delivery rates open rates and live with lower earnings because you can’t change your autoresponder. Yes autoresponders do not allow import of unclean lists. So unless your list is clean properly segmented and has no invalid emails spam traps role email addresses you will not make it. • List Janitor lets you clean your list easily. It removes all the invalid emails duplicate emails role email addresses domains that are not valid and even verifies each email individually to give you a clean sanitized lists that autoresponders can import. Opportunity : Use Professional SMTPs to Mail Your List What’s even better than an autoresponder A professional SMTP service provider like Sendgrid or Elastic Email or SMTP2GO or Dyn.

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All of these companies do only one thing. Send your email. Period. They don’t try to capture your leads for you and hold them hostage. They don’t try to build your sales pages or your funnels. All they do is send your email. Pay attention to that. That’s the only one thing they do that’s why they have a major incentive to do it really well. When you use a professional SMTP instead of an autoresponder you’ll be able to get two major advantages. • An immediate boost in your email delivery rate open rate and CTR. • The capability to mail any list at all. The only problem again. SMTPs require 100 clean list. They ban you immediately if you mail an unclean list. • List Janitor makes cleaning your list easy and cost-effective. You will be able to mail using pro SMTP successfully. Yep just break out of the autoresponder hegemony. Opportunity : Mail All Your Customers No Matter How They Signed Up One of the biggest problems with having an autoresponder mechanism is that you can’t mail the customers who didn’t sign up using the autoresponder. For example if you have customers who signed up from within your product or maybe to your blog or your support center etc. there’s no way to mail them. If you acquired customers by buying out a product a business or by co-launching a product with someone then also you’ll find that you can’t mail the buyers. You can’t even send them an update notification. The only way to solve this problem is by importing the buyers list into the autoresponder or using a SMTP service. Both of which require that the list is 100 clean. • With List Janitor you can clean your list from any source and either successfully import it into your autoresponder or mail using SMTP services.

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Opportunity : Segment Filter Your Lists One of the best ways to improve delivery is to segment your list. If you’re using an autoresponder it’s likely that you’ve segmented only on the basis of the product that people signed up for. What if you could also segment for domains regions countries demographics That kind of targeting is just not possible using traditional autoresponders. If you were able to do this however you can create tailored messages for your audience and boost your open rates and sales quite a bit. • With List Janitor’s powerful segmentation features you can segment lists based on any parameter. You can also combine the lists any way you want. Just import them into autoresponders or send the mail using SMTP when done. Opportunity : A/B Testing One of the best ways to find out what works and what doesn’t work is to do A/B testing. That means sending parts of your list a different email and others parts a different email so that you can identify which pitch works best. That’s not possible using autoresponders because they don’t let you segment your emails. • With List Janitor you can create sub lists and segments divided on any criterion you want and mail them. Opportunity : Save Mailing Costs It just doesn’t make sense paying extra for defunct dead spam traps role and unresponsive email addresses. They not only cost more they also drag the overall deliverability and open rate down affecting your mail performance and returns. Sadly cleaning your list and removing these email addresses is hard. • List Janitor cleans your list of all the bad email addresses improving your overall delivery and making you more money for every spent. How It Works: Cleaning your List and Optimizing it to get maximum profits out of it is now super simple with this point and click happy system:

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Step 1: Upload your list straight into the app and hit Execute

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Step 2: Verifies each email ID and removes all the Bounce

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Step 3: The software will automatically Removes all duplicate and Invalid emails so you get approved by autoresponders

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Step 4: It then will Lowers your subscription cost by a huge margin.

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Step 5: No more coughing up a hefty amount each month this cleans your list again and over and again at a small one time cost. Step 6: Done export your Clean List that can be in used right away. Who Should Use List Janitor List Janitor Is A Must Have Tool For Any Email Marketer You’re already investing 100s of dollars a month in email marketing. You’re paying your autoresponder a monthly fee. Paying even more on creating content products advertising so that you can build your list and grab leads. So why leave out a loose end that’s inflating your costs and reducing profits With List Janitor you’ll be able to maintain squeaky clean shining well-oiled lists that are segmented and respond extremely well to your emails all at a small one-time cost. This tool is as important in your toolset as your autoresponder. A must-have to unlock the true potential of your email marketing.

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See What the Past Users Say About List Janitor “Sent over 3000 messages right to the customers inbox and generated over 6000 in additional sales within the period of 9 days till yesterday. Took me 2 minutes to setup my Credi Response account and a very powerful custom message which automatically places customers name giving it a unique personalization.” Tarun Rathi - Top ECom Seller “I am totally blown away by Credi Response. Think about it its a no-brainer to be able to reach your followers in their inbox. You can chat with them and send them anything. Squeeze pages offers freebies links discounts. Id say this is vital for every Facebook marketer.” Abhi Dwivedi - Top Internet marketer “My Facebook LIVE to Fanpage views went up 350 And I made a sweet 4 figures from one simple Fanpage post. Not to mention Now my FanPage Response Rate is now 100 from 14 previously. Geez Id get it purely for the 100 response rate which will dramatically increase my FanPage Reach for nothing.” Peter Drew - Top video marketer products creator Why Should You Get List Janitor Now Is Your Email Marketing Earning Less Than It Should Don’t Let Inertia Keep Your Profits Low • Stop letting autoresponders decide where the money stops for you from Email Marketing. • Stop paying more every month for bad and invalid email addresses. • Stop ruining your delivery rate and your open rate by mailing to bad email addresses. • Stop making less money per mailout. • Stop limiting yourself only to the email addresses that are opted in using the autoresponder’s system. • Stop being unable to change providers and being unable to use professional SMTPs to mail out. • Stop getting low resultss because you can’t segment or test your list and laser- target your emails.

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Take Charge Of Your Email Marketing Again - Reduce Costs Boost Your Profits • Time you grabbed better delivery open rates and click through rates. • Time you grabbed more choices in autoresponders without worrying about getting rejected. • Time you grabbed the capability to mail out any list at all using SMTP services like Sendgrid. • Time you grabbed the best price on list-cleaning without any recurring fee. • Time you grabbed advanced list-management and segmentation features. • Time you grabbed Capability to mail nearly any lead you want with complete confidence. • Time you grabbed more profits at the same time reducing your email marketing costs. Cleans Lists of Up To 25000 in one go. Need To Clean Bigger Lists Unlock unlimited lists Powerful SECRET features inside with Pro. Also Claim This Powerful Training If You Buy Today Email Marketing Master Class

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Turn yourself into a pro marketer with the exclusive Email Marketing course from Teknikforce. This powerful video course will handhold you through Email marketing to help you maximize your Email marketing profits Do Not Let This Bonus Slip This course is custom designed by us and created by real experts. It’s worth more than what we have asked for the software itself but we want you to succeed and we know that sometimes you don’t just need the tools you also need the roadmap. Claim your email marketing roadmap before this deal goes away. Beside the training course the product creator also prepare some bonuses below for you. Please check it carefully and check our bonuses prepared only for you in the end of the review page. Exclusive Bonuses From List Janitor

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Bonuses 1: Email List GoldMine It is an IDPLR Bonus that you have made the box for By having a BIG robust and a super targeted list you can get 3X better results for your Marketing efforts WhDo it with Email List GoldMine What you have got here is the ultimate blueprint to boost your IM revenue by leveraging your Email List to its max Bonuses 2: Ultimate List Builder Roadmap Video training that shows you the ins and outs of effective listbuilding and list marketing. Learn everything and get handheld towards becoming a top list marketer.

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Bonuses 3: Ultimate Email Strategies Top secret strategies that bring you to the top of the listbuilding game

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Bonuses 4: Email Quick Basics Just starting out Begin with the things that matter. e quick guide will show you the ropes and get you started fast

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Bonuses 5: WhiteLabel License to WP Copysites Original WP CopySites Original -Leverage this high utility plugin and bulk copy/update posts pages custom post types from one site to the other sites in the fastest possible time.

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Bonuses 6: WhiteLabel License to WP Leadfinder A highly customizable plugin that generates exhaustive and relevant database from FB and Twitter. Saves you a lot of time on manual research by doing all the extensive research from the most popular social media platforms all by itself. Conclusion Here’s one thing about business – You can’t run it with only half the heart and be competitive. If you’re not competitive you’ll be driven out of business in no time. This is as true about your niche and email marketing as any other business. If you fail to reach and sell to your customers through emails your competitor will do it. Don’t let it happen. Don’t let unclean and unmanaged lists drag your profits down. Not when you can solve this problem so easily today.

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