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Basic SEO for High End Fashion sites


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Technical Recommendations Implementation Guide Prepared by: Roxanne Bridger October 2016

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Introduction This document is an implementation guide for the previous technical optimisation opportunities that have been presented after an audit of the http://kture.co.uk/ The document is broken into three sections grouped by related tasks. Priority 1 - ​Indexation Issues URL Structure Robots.txt file - Staging Site Robots.txt file - Live Site Redirects Canonical Tags Priority 2 - ​Additional Optimisation W3C HTML Validity Page Size Images CSS and JS Schema Markup Priority 3 - ​Nice to Have’s Custom 404 error page HTML Sitemap Remove SEO Keywords Checklist

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Indexation Issues URL Structure - Current Pages As per the ​On Page Recommendations document previously supplied the current URLs Meta data and H1 tags should be updated as per the suggestions. URL Structure - Updated URLs The Kture site currently uses parameters and hashtags for new pages rather than a clear folder structure. Sub categories follow no logical pattern so structure of the site and hierarchy of pages is not clear to search engines. There are currently seven absolute URLs for the Kture.co.uk site meaning there are only seven opportunites to optimises meta data reducing the number of pages that the search engines may index. The following URL structure should be applied to the category pages. REF Page Type URL Optimised URL 1 Clothing /pnew-arrivals /new-arrivals/clothing/ 1.1 Clothing Coats /pnew-arrivalscategoryCoats /new-arrivals/clothing/coats/ 1.2 Clothing Coats Capes /pnew-arrivalscategoryCoatsprevFilterssu bcategoriesFiltersCapes /new-arrivals/clothing/coats/capes/ 2 Bags pnew-arrivalscategoryBags /new-arrivals/bags/ 2.1 Bags Backpacks /pnew-arrivalscategoryBagsprevFilterssub categoriesFiltersBackpacks /new-arrivals/bags/backpacks/ 3 Shoes /pnew-arrivalscategoryShoes /new-arrivals/shoes/ 3.1 Shoes Boots /pnew-arrivalscategoryCoatsprevFilterssu bcategoriesFiltersCapes /new-arrivals/shoes/boots/ URLs not only give more information to the search engines about the context of the page it can also encourage click throughs from the search results as it’s clearer to the user what they can expect to find on the page if they click through.

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Robots.txt file - Staging Site Site owners use the /robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to search engine robots this is called The Robots Exclusion Protocol. This file and the bots they interact with are fundamental parts of how search engines work. The staging environment should not be crawled or indexed by Google. This can be fixed by adding a Robots.txt file to the following URL stage.ktu.re/robots.txt User-agent: Disallow: / The "User-agent: " means this section applies to all robots. The "Disallow: /" tells the robot that it should not visit any pages on the site Robots.txt file - Live Site In addition to updating the Robots.txt file for the staging site one also needs to be added to the main site to help ensure the correct pages are indexed. Improper usage of the robots.txt file can hurt your rankings. This should sit on the URL http://kture.co.uk/robots.txt user-agent: Disallow: /ajax/ Sitemap: http://kture.co.uk/sitemap.xml Google have very recently updated their guidelines to officially state that you should not block access to CSS or JS files in robots.txt. This ensures that when Google crawls the site it can render it exactly as a browser would. More information on Robots.txt files is ​ available here Redirects There are multiple versions of the homepage being indexed in Google. These need to be redirected to ​http://kture.co.uk ​. This will ensure all authority of the homepage is directed to the preferred version of the homepage that you want indexed in Google.

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Urls to be redirected to http://kture.co.uk/ ➔ http://kture.co.uk/ajax/pages.phpslughomepage ➔ ➔ http://kture.co.uk/index.php Canonical Tags To provide the best user experience search engines will rarely show results for duplicate content and if they are unsure which page to show they can choose to not show any of your pages. Using the rel canonical tag it is possible to avoid duplicate content issues that could impact your SEO visibility. Canonical tags allow the use of URL parameters without impacting on SEO performance and can reduce the damage that can be caused by other sites scraping content. The tag is part of the HTML head of the page. link rel"canonical" href"http://kture.co.uk/" / This tag tells the search engines that the given page should be treated as though it were a the preferred version of the URL and that all of the links and content metrics the engines apply should actually be credited toward the provided URL. Each page must only have one canonical link specified in the head otherwise they will all be ignored. The canonical tag for the site’s pages have been added to the ​Kture - OPRs document that has been sent over previously. Every page should have a canonical tag. If the new absolute URLs have been updated for the category pages on the site as per the ​Updated URLs section above these should also include a canonical tag.

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Additional Optimisation W3C HTML Validity W3C Validity is not a direct ranking factor. However several errors the validator may return for your website are considered best practice for SEO. Problems like wrongly nested or placed tags can make your content impossible to crawl. An added benefit of this is that valid code takes up less space and can make your website load faster. With only 18 errors and 3 warnings found the code is already well optimised. There are just a few additional elements that could be optimised. 18 Errors Found An img element must have an alt attribute except under certain conditions. For details consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images ​. ​ ​16 instances found No space between attributes. ​ 1 instance found Saw -- within a comment. Probable cause: Nested comment not allowed. ​ 1 instance found 3 Warnings Found The name attribute is obsolete. Consider putting an id attribute on the nearest container instead. 1 instance found Element form does not need a role attribute. ​ 1 instance found The document is not mappable to XML 1.0 due to two consecutive hyphens in a comment. 1 instance found Full report can be found here ​. Page Size Images CSS and JS The total page size for the Kture homepage is 16.0MB and can take up to 10 seconds to load. With page load times being an SEO ranking factor optimised images should always be considered. For a lot of fashion sites high resolution and high quality images can be a big element of the design. You can reduce the load time of a page by ➔ Reducing the size of the files where images are based. ➔ Using actual resized images instead of relying on CSS to adjust them.

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➔ Save your files in the correct format depending on how you intend to use them onsite. The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 1.7MiB 82 reduction. ● http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1474451184/eknhfrodyh0jdc314fla.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 2000x1333 to 976x650. Serving a scaled image could save 785.7KiB 76 reduction. ● http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1474016750/vporog3slwoe57k4vbfk.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 2048x1366 to 385x257. Serving a scaled image could save 351.8KiB 96 reduction. ● http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1474889470/lkj3mri62uocunfftxkt.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 2000x1418 to 954x677. Serving a scaled image could save 348.2KiB 77 reduction. ● http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1472507331/igegjn5z9bcexnqn6goz.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 1909x816 to 385x164. Serving a scaled image could save 204.3KiB 95 reduction. Optimise the following images to reduce their size by 250.4KiB 10 reduction. ● Compressing ​http://kture.co.uk/img/viewallbags_land.jpg ​ could save 44.7KiB 14 reduction. ● Compressing ​http://kture.co.uk/img/viewallfashion_land.jpg ​ could save 46.4KiB 14 reduction. ● Compressing http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1473778193/psshw9mliyhqmq7vkxp9.jpg could save 44.2KiB 7 reduction. S ● Compressing ​http://kture.co.uk/img/viewallclothing_land.jpg could save 41.4KiB 13 reduction. ● Compressing ​http://kture.co.uk/img/viewallshoes_land.jpg​ could save 39.1KiB 8 reduction. ● Compressing http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1469801318/zo5uliu53lgdksxe8i3v.jpg could save 23.5KiB 9 reduction. ● Compressing http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1473778751/mpxfjj2vuooukyexixit.jpg could save 5.6KiB 5 reduction. ● Compressing ​http://kture.co.uk/img/KTURE_logo_white.png​ could save 4.3KiB 37 reduction. ● Compressing http://res.cloudinary.com/hygtuocai/image/upload/v1473338564/wxgp19qumhomkcqxhgkj.jpg could save 1.0KiB 1 reduction. ● Compressing ​http://kture.co.uk/img/share_2x.png​ could save 99B 16 reduction. Minify JavaScript for the following resources to reduce their size by 34.1KiB 12 reduction.

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● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/slick/slick.js ​ could save 30.5KiB 39 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/zoom-master/jquery.zoom.js​ could save 2.2KiB 39 reduction. S ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/royalslider/jquery.royalslider.min.js ​ could save 648B 2 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/js/uk-cookie-consent-js.jsver2.0.0 could save 380B 21 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/js/bootstrap.min.js ​ could save 126B 1 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/js/jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js​ could save 114B 2 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/js/jquery-1.11.0.min.js​ could save 87B 1 reduction. Minify CSS for the following resources to reduce their size by 31.2KiB 12 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/new-arrivals.css​ could save 7.3KiB 27 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/custom.css​ could save 7.0KiB 21 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/navigation.css​ could save 3.5KiB 26 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/designers.css​ could save 3.1KiB 37 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/columns.css​ could save 2.9KiB 64 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/looks.css​ could save 1.8KiB 19 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/royalslider/skins/universal/rs-universal.css could save 1.8KiB 24 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/elements.css​ could save 1.5KiB 23 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/slick/slick-theme.css​ could save 674B 22 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/royalslider/royalslider.css​ could save 632B 16 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/slick/slick.css​ could save 396B 23 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/bootstrap.min.css​ could save 374B 1 reduction. ● Minifying ​http://kture.co.uk/css/font-awesome.min.css​ could save 166B 1 reduction. Schema Markup Using schema and Microdata to define additional semantic meaning within content allows additional functionality and visual impact in search results. Microdata and Schema can lead to improved CTR and increase engagement. Logo - You can now mark up your logo to let Google know which image on your site is your logo. Below is an example of how you can use Schema to mark up the kture logo as well as adding it as a H1 tag for the homepage. h1 itemscope itemtype"http://schema.org/Organization" a href"http://kture.co.uk" img src"http://kture.co.uk/img/KTURE_logo_white.png" alt"Kture" span class"visuallyhidden"Kture/span /a /h1

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Best practices suggest that your logo should be a stand-alone file not part of a banner image visible on your homepage. Nice to Have’s Custom 404 error page The bigger your site is the more important the issue of 404 page should be. It’s not uncommon for an affiliate or ecommerce site that can have products and pages come and go throughout the month to have it’s users land on a 404 page by mistake. Knowing this a custom 404 page should hook the visitor not let the visitor leave the site. Elements you can include on the page could be ➔ A search box ➔ Popular categories ➔ The right piece of text explaining what happened ➔ featured/last posts/items ➔ key links HTML Sitemap Although less common these days a sitemap for users still has some value. There can also be some SEO benefit to having one too - it can ensure that your site becomes flatter - content is less clicks away from the homepage. While not considered the most inspiring looking pages you can still create a custom HTML sitemap available to your users that links to the key points of your site. As the Kture site grows a HTML sitemap should be considered. Remove SEO Keywords The use of the META keywords tag is not recommended any longer as it holds no weight with major search engines and can be used by competitors to scrape the keyword targets for each page so these should be removed.

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Checklist . Priority Task Completed 1 Update Current URLs OPRs 1 Create new URL structure for remaining pages 1 Update Robots.txt for staging site 1 Update Robots.txt for live site 1 Add redirects for additional homepage URLs 1 Add canonical tags to all pages 2 Update code as per W3C HTML Validity recommendations 2 Reduce page size 2 Add schema markup for logo 3 Add custom 404 error page 3 Add HTML sitemap 3 Remove SEO meta keywords from code