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Parent/guardian presentation from Jan.3, 2012. Please note that the conversion of Powerpoint to video may have caused slight readability issues.


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ACT or SAT: Which test to take?:

ACT or SAT: Which test to take? Kerrie Troseth, M.S., GCDF ISM College Counselor

Overview of Presentation:

Overview of Presentation PLAN results and interpretation PSAT results and interpretation ACT and SAT concordance ACT or SAT? Selective college average ACT/SAT scores PSAT ePrep What Parents Can Do

PLAN Score Report :

PLAN Score Report

Your Scores:

Your Scores FYI: PLAN range is out of 32; ACT range is out of 36

Your Estimated ACT® Composite Score Range:

Your Estimated ACT ® Composite Score Range

Your High School Course Plans Compared to Core:

Your High School Course Plans Compared to Core

College Readiness:

College Readiness

Profile for Success:

Profile for Success

Areas in Which You Would Like Additional Help:

Areas in Which You Would Like Additional Help

Your Career Possibilities:

Your Career Possibilities

PowerPoint Presentation:

Your Scores Percentile If you are a junior, your scores are compared to those of other juniors. If you are a sophomore or younger student, your scores are compared to those of sophomores. Score Range

PowerPoint Presentation:

National Merit Scholarship Corporation Information The Entry Requirements section displays information you provided on your answer sheet. The Percentile compares your performance to that of other college-bound sophomores. The Selection Index is the sum of your critical reading, mathematics and writing skills scores. If it has an asterisk, you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements for the competition.

Additional Testing Resources on Naviance :

Additional Testing Resources on Naviance

ACT and SAT Concordance:

ACT and SAT Concordance PSAT (SAT) PLAN (ACT) Better test to take 185 (1850) 27 (29-33) ACT 201 (2010) 21 (23-26) SAT

Selective College Average ACT/SAT Scores:

Selective College Average ACT/SAT Scores

ACT or SAT?:

ACT or SAT? Which test result, PLAN or PSAT, was better? SAT/ACT Checklist College(s) of interest test preference Student preference

PSAT ePrep:

PSAT ePrep Free for ISM 10 th grade students Individualized study program Parent access Video lessons Next October, after the PSAT, your child will have the option to use ePrep to study for the SAT or ACT (their preference) for free.

What Parents Can Do :

What Parents Can Do Review PLAN and PSAT results with your child. Determine which (or both) test, the ACT or SAT, your child will take in the future (during their Junior year). Access either (or both) the or for free test prep and sample questions to use to study for ACT and SAT. Complete the SAT/ACT checklist with your child to determine which test they prefer. Establish a score range expectation with your child for either (or both) test(s). Check on your child’s progress in ePrep for PSAT preparation. Encourage your child to set up a weekly ePrep study session.

End of Presentation:

End of Presentation Kerrie Troseth 952-918-1864 [email protected]

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