Parade 4 Unit 1

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Parade 4 Unit 1Vocabulary : 

Parade 4 Unit 1Vocabulary Listen Repeat Use

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arm face foot hair hand head leg elephant giraffe hippo lion monkey snake spider zoo

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Words to describe hair: blond brown black red dark light curly straight

Slide 4: 

She has short blond straight hair.

Slide 5: 

He has short straight red hair.

Slide 6: 

They have long black curly hair.

Slide 7: 

adjectives: big small long short tall old young comparatives: bigger smaller longer shorter taller older younger

Slide 8: 

The man is older than the girl.

Slide 9: 

The girl’s hair is longer than the boy’s.

Slide 10: 

They are younger then her.

Slide 11: 

Emotions: afraid scared angry excited happy sad

Slide 12: 

I get scared when I see a spider. What makes you scared? Seeing a spider makes me scared.

Slide 13: 

She gets excited when she goes to the park. What makes her excited? Going to the park makes her excited.

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Try to make sentences using the words. Can you describe a person? Can you compare people? Can you talk about your feelings? Try the review quiz!

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