Parade 2 Unit 6

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Parade 2 Unit 6Vocabulary : 

Parade 2 Unit 6Vocabulary Listen and say the words

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morning afternoon night breakfast lunch dinner o’clock time watch brush my teeth comb my hair wash my face eat breakfast get up get dressed go to bed go to school take a bath take a shower watch TV

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I take a bath at seven o’clock. She takes a bath at eight o’clock.

Slide 4: 

I get up at six o’clock. He gets up at seven o’clock.

Slide 5: 

I eat lunch at twelve o’clock. She eats lunch at one o’clock.

my his her : 

my his her I brush my teeth. He brushes his teeth. She brushes her teeth.

my his her : 

my his her I comb my hair. He combs his hair. She combs her hair.

my his her : 

my his her I wash my face. He washes his face. She washes her face.

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Talk about what you do every day. Try the review quiz.