Parade 2 Unit 5

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Parade 2 Unit 5 Vocabulary : 

Parade 2 Unit 5 Vocabulary Listen and say the words

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police officer fire fighter mail carrier bus driver doctor nurse salesperson waiter teacher

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A police officer works in a police station.

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A fire fighter works in a fire station.

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A mail carrier works in a post office.

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A doctor works in a hospital.

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A nurse works in a hospital.

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A salesperson works in a shop.

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A waiter works in a restaurant.

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A teacher works in a school.

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A police officer drives a police car.

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A fire fighter drives a fire truck.

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A bus driver drives a bus.

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A mail carrier drives a jeep.

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Where What When Who does drive work Can you answer the questions? Where does a doctor work? In a hospital. What does a mail carrier drive? A jeep. When does a teacher work? Mondays to Fridays. Who works in a restaurant? A waiter.

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Practice talking about workers. Try the review quiz.

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