Parade 3 Unit 3

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Parade 3 Unit 3Vocabulary : 

Parade 3 Unit 3Vocabulary Listen and repeat

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NOUNS city apartment building car department store movie theatre museum restaurant skating rink country barn farm fence VERBS have to clean feed paint take water wash field grass lake pond

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There are museums in the city. There are farms in the country.

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I have to clean my room every day. She has to feed the bird every day. They have to paint the fence.

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prefer I prefer the city to the country. I prefer apples to oranges. She prefers milk to water. He prefers playing soccer to doing homework.

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Answer the questions: What do you have to do after school? Do you prefer the city or the country? What can you see in the country? What can you see in the city?

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Now practice talking about the city and the country. Write about what you have to do every day. Ask you friends about which things they prefer. Try the review quiz.

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