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Human Resource Planning

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EMPLOYMENT PLANNING AND FORECASTING Employee Planning/ Human resource Planning is the process of forecasting firm’s future demand for and supply of the right type of people in the right number.

Importance Of HRP:

Importance Of HRP Future personnel needs. Part of strategic planning. Creating highly talented personnel. Foundation for personnel functions. Increasing investments in human resources. Unite the line and the staff managers.

HR Demand Forecasting:

HR Demand Forecasting It is the process of estimating the quantity and quality of people required to meet future needs of the organization. Factors affecting demand forecasting: Internal Factor External Factor

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HR Demand Forecasting Trend analysis : studying a firm’s employment levels over a period of years to predict future needs. For increase in productivity. Ratio analysis : making forecasts based on the ratio between (1) some casual factor, like sales volume, and (2) number of employees required, like number of salespeople Scatter plot shows graphically how two variables (such as a measure of business activity and a firm’s staffing levels) are related Managerial judgment plays a big role in deciding the future demand of work force

HR Supply Forecasting:

HR Supply Forecasting Supply forecast determine whether the HR department will be able to produce the required no. of personnel. It measures the number of people likely to be available within & outside an organization. The Supply analysis covers: Internal Supply External Supply

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Forecasting the Supply of Inside Candidates Turnover Rate: No. of separation during one year _______________________________ * 100 Average no. of employees during the Year

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Forecasting the Supply of Inside Candidates Conditions of Work and Absenteeism No. of persons absent – No. of days lost _________________________________ * 100 Average no. of persons*No. of working days

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Forecasting the Supply of Outside Candidates New experienced employee. Organization growth & diversification. Organization needs to replenish lost personnel.