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Strategic IHRM:

Strategic IHRM Presented by - Krishna Kumar Singh .

Strategic Management:

Strategic Management It is the Process of Formulation , Implementing, and Evaluating the Business Strategy to Achieve Organisational Objective. Strategic HRM It is the Process of Developing practices , Programmers and Policies that help Achieve Organisational Objective.


UNDERSTANDING STRATEGY The Strategy is Commonly articulated as Belonging to Three Categories : Corporate Level. Business Level. Functional Level .

Corporate Level Strategy:

Corporate Level Strategy This is Controlled by Top Management by the Organisation . The org. Should Decided Where it want be in next 10or 15 year. Analyze All the Activities.

Business Level Strategy:

Business Level Strategy Business Level Strategy Detail Action Taken to Provide Value to Customers and Gain the Competitive Advantage by exploiting Core competencies in Specific, Individual Product or Service Market. In This we Analyze. -- Who will be Served. -- What need have to be Met. -- How those need will be Satisfied are Determined By Senior Management

Functional Level Strategy:

Functional Level Strategy

Nature of Strategic HRM:

Nature of Strategic HRM Good Understanding to Global Challenges that the Particular Business/ Industry Faces. Identify the Understand the Organisational Capabilities that Provided the Company with the Competitive Advantage. Establishing the “Architecture”.

Model of Strategy HRM:

Model of Strategy HRM The Resource based Perspective. A Behavioral view. Cybernetics System. Agency/Transaction Cost. The Institutional/Political Force. Resource dependence and power Variable.

Dimensions of Strategic International HRM:

Dimensions of Strategic International HRM Some Sobering Statistics regarding Global Work— =Approximately 60% of all Cross Border Joint Venture Failed. = Approximately 30% of all Expatriates return From Assignment Abroad Prematurely. = Approximately 48% of all Repatriates leave their Company within two years of Returning Home. Each of These Statistics Represents a Gross Human Resource Failure .


Essentially there are two Dimensions to Understanding the Nature of Strategic IHR. -- IHR Initiatives could be Driven By the Parent Company. --- Commonly Implemented Globally across all business.