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WORLD MEDIA SYSTEMS Overview of Course Syllabus and Policies

Overview of Course:

Overview of Course Compare Media Systems ideologically, politically, economically and vis a vis globalization China, Cuba, Rwanda Regional Comparisons Western (U.S., Europe) Middle East and North Africa Sub Saharan Africa

Overview of Course: In particular….:

Overview of Course: In particular…. Conceptions of free press Global media trends Global journalism and ethics New media and politics Digital activism Corporatism and globalization

Syllabus and Policies:

Syllabus and Policies Readings are from the textbook (Global Journalism….) and Angel. Diversify your news consumption-internationalize it Current Events are emphasized via discussion boards

Policies: Academic Integrity:

Policies: Academic Integrity University Policy Plagiarism Just don’t go there

Course Requirements:

Course Requirements Quizzes 15% Discussion Boards 15% Exam 1 (Weeks 1-7) 25% Exam 2 (Weeks 8-15) 25% Final Project 20%

Discussion Boards:

Discussion Boards discussion board associated with each lesson (except during quiz or exam weeks). You are required to log on to every discussion forum and to post at least one direct answer or original observation related to the assigned theme and/or questions

Discussion Boards:

Discussion Boards You are also required to respond to the comments of at least one of your classmates during each discussion forum (please make it clear to whose comments you are responding) .

Discussion Boards:

Discussion Boards Bottom Line Required 2 postings, 1 original and one comment Grading—I evaluate every 2 weeks, no news is good news or I will prompt you regarding your posts Final Grade Based on the # and quality of posts

Final Project:

Final Project Individual Final Paper comparison of U.S. media system and another media system (list of countries from which to choose to be provided) analyze 2 elements (elements to be discussed in class) Individual Final Paper Due During Exam Week

Grading and Extra Credit:

Grading and Extra Credit A 95.0-100 A- 90.0-94.9 B+ 87.0-89.9 B 83.0-86.9 B- 80.0-82.9 C+ 77.0-79.9 C 70.0-76.9 D 60.0-69.9 F 0.0-59.9 There will be 2 extra credit opportunities over the course (see syllabus) You may choose to take or leave the opportunity but no further extra credit will be offered or granted


Grading A detailed explanation of grading is posted in the Start Here tab on Angel


Syllabus Syllabus is subject to change; the lessons tabs are most accurate Throughout the course we will add documentaries, movies and clips to supplement our learning

Calendar and Deadlines:

Calendar and Deadlines All deadlines and important dates have been added to the Course Calendar


Angel Make sure your browser is Mozilla-other browsers are not compatible You may see two listings online. Ours is listed as COMM 419 04 in order to unite World Campus with University Park

On to the Readings and Lecture:

Have a great week! On to the Readings and Lecture