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Divorce attorneys and child support attorneys specialized in your requirements. Arami Law, the best family and divorce law firm in Chicago, offers representation in all areas of family law. If you require assistance with the following, you can rely on us: Divorce: Our divorce and family law firm can assist you in obtaining the most equitable and fair results from your divorce, including equitable distribution of the marital home and other assets, reasonable child support payments, and enforcement of child custody rights, through mediation and litigation. Arami Law, the best family and divorce law firm in Chicago, can help in collaborative divorce, in which the parties agree to end their marriage amicably.


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CHICAGO FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY Divorce attorneys and child support attorneys specialized in your requirements. Arami Law the best family and divorce law firm in Chicago offers representation in allareas offamilylaw. If you require assistance with the following you can rely on us: Divorce: Our divorce and family law firm can assist you in obtaining the most equitable and fair results from your divorce including equitable distribution of the marital home and other assets reasonable child support payments and enforcement of child custody rights through mediation and litigation. Arami Law the best family and divorce law firm in Chicago can help in collaborative divorce in which theparties agree toend theirmarriageamicably. Parenting Agreements: We protect and defend your parental rights to raise and maintain your children in a loving and proper environment. We work to create a custodyand visitationagreementin yourfamilysbestinterests.

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Works withyou toensure thatyou receive or pay a suitable levelof financial support to raise and parent your children in a healthy atmosphere. Unfortunately it cannot change support payments unless the divorce/child support order is accepted and modified by the court. However suppose either the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent experiences a life-altering change in financial situation. In that case AramilLawthe best family law attorney in Chicagocan guide you through the required and legal steps that must be performed to legally update the order for your child supportpayments. Maintenance for the spouse: Divorce should not result in financial instability. At Arami Law the best family law attorney in Chicago can assist you in determining a reasonable amount ofspousalmaintenance. Asset division: Under Illinois law the property you and your spouse accumulated during your marriage is shared equitably. Our responsibility is to ensure that this divide isfairjustandreasonable forboth parties. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements:AramiLawanticipates unforeseen obstacles and will establish comprehensive premarital agreements that protect both spouses concerns and interests and avoid significant dispute and hardship should you ever file fordivorce.

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Arami Law the best family law attorney in Chicago has been the go-to law company for families in the Chicago land area dealing with divorce and family law issues for years.With experienceandcompassion weresolvechallenging legalcases. CHILD SUPPORT ATTORNEY IN CHICAGO A Child Support Attorney in Chicago aggressive pursuit of fair outcomes during and after divorce Although a court can compel support for a child pursuing higher education parents are expected to support their children until they reach 18. It can take a long period from the date of your divorce to the conclusion of these commitments and your childrens needs and financial status are likely to change throughout that period. You may rely on Arami Law for experienced and caring legal counsel in child custody disputes ranging fromdivorce throughpost-judgmentmodification and enforcementactions.

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WHAT IS COVERED BY THE CHILD SUPPORT LAW IN ILLINOIS Although Illinois law recognizes a childs right to financial assistance from both parents this does not imply that child support depends solely on parental income. One parent will be designated as the "obligor" in the marital settlement and this parent will be obligated to contribute a portion of their income to the other parent to assist with the childsexpenditures.Theobligoris usuallya noncustodialparentand it isexpected that the custodial parent is already financially contributing to the child. In Chicago the child support law attorney aims to provide the children with the same quality of life that theywould havehad if theirparentshad stayedmarried. In Illinois child support is determined using a legal formula although courts have the authority to order obligors to pay amounts over this to support the childs current lifestyle orneedssuch as: Privateschooling tuition Costsofeducation and living expenditures Summerprogrammessportstravelteams andother enrichment activities Child support orders might also differ depending on the specific needs of the child or children involved. If a couple has a kid with specialneeds the obligormay be obliged to paymore toassistfund thechilds medicalcosts.

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THE ARAMI LAW ASSISTS IN THE MODIFICATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF CHILD SUPPORT ORDER Illinois courts have built a precise system for collecting and tracking child support payments and enforcement mechanisms if an obligor refuses to pay while having the financial means to do so. The court has the authority to garnish earnings or tax returns and in severe situations to imprison debtors. Its never a good idea to fall behind on child support payments yet many obligors do so for a variety of reasons including the following: Retaliation – Many obligors believe that their child support payments are tied to their visitation rights. Thus they may refuse to pay if custodial parents interfere with the noncustodial parents time with the children. This form of self-help makes the obligor appear awful in court and gives a custodial parent more ammunition to make the obligors life a living hell. In this circumstance a preferable choice for an obligor is to contact a professional family law attorney in Chicago who can explain your options and potentially evenobtaina judicialmodification ofyoursupportpayments. Financial hardship —If an obligor faces a significant financial hardship such as losing a job or undergoing extensive medical treatment they may fall behind on their child support payments. In situations like these child support lawyers in Chicago can help you askthecourt toreconsider your commitment.

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Whether you are the one paying or receiving child support you deserve to be treated fairly. In Chicago child support lawyers have vast expertise handling complex child supportissuesboth inside the Loop and in thegreaterChicago area. CHILD CUSTODY ATTORNEY IN CHICAGO Arami Laws child custody attorneys in Chicago provide supportive counsel and aggressivecourtrepresentation. In many divorces decisions about where children will reside and how they will be reared are among the mostcontroversialconcerns. While the terms "child custody" and "visitation" are still commonly used Illinois law has developed to designate these notions "decision-making authority" and"decision-making authority." Many states have passed legislation making shared parenting responsibility the default option for family courts. On the other hand Illinois has refused to follow suit making it far simpler for one parent to gain sole decision-making authority and relegate the other to the role of visitor. As a result divorcing parents are left with two options: negotiate a jointparenting agreementorengagein abitter high-stakescustodybattle. AramiLaw is committed to protecting your parentalrights. We worktoward a workable plan that serves both sides when a negotiated settlement is achievable. On the other handwhen yourspouseishell-benton sabotagingyourrelationshipwithyour children Child custody attorney Chicagobattletoothandnailfortheirandyourbestinterests.

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IN CASES OF PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY REGULAR CONFLICTS AND MODIFICATION OPTIONS Parenting time also known as visitation is usually allocated to the noncustodial parent the one with whom the child does not live mostof the time. Unfortunately difficulties can persist long after the divorce if one former spouse tries to interfere with parenting time or alienate the other parent from the child. In addition if one parent wants or needs to move out of state or a long distance away from the childs current domicile issueswith establishedparenting planscan develop. In other circumstances a third party usually a grandmother maybe given parental responsibilities if neither parent is capable. Our Child custody attorney Chicago has handled each of these situations before and we can explain your options and rights to you basedonyourspecific circumstances. Nothing can ever replace the time you spend with your children and your parental rights are worth fighting for. Arami Laws trusted divorce lawyers in Chicago have the experience and determination to create a reasonable parenting plan as well as the tenacity towin in courtwhen necessary.

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Contact an experienced Chicago Divorce Attorney for a Free Initial Consultation Arami Law Office PC 53 W Jackson Blvd 1021 Chicago Illinois 60604 Telephone: 312.212.1399 Website:

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