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Bilingual for Sport Institute


To help athletes and coach who have problem in English. When they go to participate in game such as Asian Games, Olympic Games . It would be easier if they will be able to communicate with others clearly and appropriately. GOAL

Student : 

Student Athletes Coach English and Thai professional instructor of each sport. Teacher

Activity : 

Activity Do not speak Thai language during a class of English language. Teaching rules of each sport in English language for communication with other country in game . Train listening and speaking in a real racing simulation. Test their knowledge when they complete each lesson.

Location : 

Location Hangdong district , Chiangmai Province .

Background : 

Background Nowadays,athletes and coaches need to participate Games in foreign country such as Olympic Games,Asian Games.

Background : 

Background As a consequence,they need to use English language to communicate during their match and their life in foreign country. It would be easier if they will be able to communicatewith others clearly and appropriately.

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We see the importance of improving knowledge and the ability of the coach. For coach, it is necessary to understand the rules of sport in English as well because coach have to talk with referee when something is not fair. Background

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Our intitute are supported by anonymous organizations and Sports Association of Thailand Sponsor

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We have both Thai and English class. Thai class focus on content of sport rules. English class focus on conversation. Teaching

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Train student in a real racing simulation. Teaching

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Test their knowledge when they complete each lesson both practicing and theory. Teaching

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Our institute have many facilities,gym,international restaurant,hall,park,bus-sevice,healthy clinic,minimart. About us

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Moreover,we adopt universal standard include staduim,golf course,race course,tennis court,swimming pool and so on. About us

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We are one of the most famous international sport institute in Thailand. We can make many athletes and coach to have high-quality to be ready in national competition. About us

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