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Theatre Types (Shapes) : 

Theatre Types (Shapes) Proscenium Extended Apron Thrust Arena Black Box Modern Flexible Spaces Found/Created Spaces

Proscenium Theatre : 

Proscenium Theatre

KCPA Festival Theatre : 

KCPA Festival Theatre

Auditorium Theatre - Chicago : 

Auditorium Theatre - Chicago

Mondavi Center - UC Davis : 

Mondavi Center - UC Davis

Extended Apron (Semi-thrust) : 

Extended Apron (Semi-thrust) hybrid- KCPA Playhouse Theatre

Thrust Stage : 

Thrust Stage extends into audience seating on three sides connected to the backstage area by its upstage end

Thrust Theatre : 

Thrust Theatre

Guthrie Theater : 

Guthrie Theater

Arena “in the round” : 

Arena “in the round” no curtain little scenery audience sits on all 4 sides

Arena Theatre : 

Arena Theatre Well-known Examples

Black Box : 

Black Box completely flexible no permanent stage no permanent seating arrangement extremely intimate theatre

Black Box / Flexible Theatre : 

Black Box / Flexible Theatre

KCPA Studio Theatre : 

KCPA Studio Theatre

Amphitheater : 

Amphitheater Open-air structure, tiers of seats surrounding central area ……… KCPA Amphitheater

Hollywood Bowl : 

Hollywood Bowl

Starlight Theatre Rock Valley College : 

Starlight Theatre Rock Valley College

Jay Pritzker Pavilion Millennium Park : 

Jay Pritzker Pavilion Millennium Park

Modern Flexible Theatres : 

Modern Flexible Theatres

Found space : 

Found space nontheatrical space altered and used for production church, warehouse, courtroom, basement

Site-specific performance : 

Site-specific performance nontheatrical space used for production a side of a hill, the street, side of a building

THE ENDPLEASE take Scenic Quiz #1. : 

THE ENDPLEASE take Scenic Quiz #1. THEAT 104