Importance of SEO for E-Commerce Website

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Merely having an E-commerce website will not solve your problems when it comes to online business. You need to make your website prominent in different popular search engines by applying a technique or skill which we normally call “SEO”.


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Importance of SEO for E-Commerce Website:

Importance of SEO for E-Commerce Website By

What is SEO?:

What is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which we use to promote our website in Search Engine. SEO is a part of Digital Marketing. We can increase organic visitors at our site through SEO activity. Search Engine Optimization a long term process to improve our website visibility on search engine result.

SEO Tips for E commerce Website:

SEO Tips for E commerce Website Use Breadcrumbs User Friendly URLs Always use Https rather then Http Use Schema Use High Quality Images Use Responsive Pages Optimizing Pages

Use Breadcrumbs:

Use Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs mean internal navigation. Breadcrumbs are links that provide a path for a visitor from current viewing page to Home Page. Home > Clothing > Women’s Clothing > Party wear dress > Product name…..

User Friendly URLs:

User Friendly URLs User-friendly URLs are short and easy to remember. These URLs help a user to visit pages again by simply typing in the browser. A simple structure of User-friendly URL. Top Sub Domain Level Domain Internet Protocol Main Domain File Name

Always Use Https Instead of Http :

Always Use Https Instead of Http Https used for secure communication over the computer network. Https encrypts the information between clients and server. After using Https, Nobody can’t steal your information. It verifies bidirectional communication between clients and server first then send to message the recipient. Let’s understand by an example SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) Insecure Secure Connection Connection

Use Schema:

Use Schema The schema is a structured data that is use to enhance description(known as Rich Snippets) of WebPages in the search result page. You can use schema for business, events, people, products, recipes, Reviews and Videos. The schema is the form of microdata . Microdata is a set of tags which is read by Machine.

Use High Quality Images:

Use High Quality Images High-Quality Images will give your site a better look than normal images. Don’t use heavy images otherwise you will face site speed issues. Use Responsive Pages A page should be responsive that means web page automatically adjust in all devices like desktop, Mobile, Notebook etc. CSS and HTML used for a responsive w eb page design.

Optimizing Pages:

Optimizing Pages

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