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In partial fulfillment of the requirements of N5343 Leadership in Complex Health Care Systems Jeannette Crenshaw, DNP, MSN, RN, IBCLC, LCCE, NEA-BC July 17, 2011 Personal Leadership Vision Statement Catherine Ohakam The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing

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America's leading writers on change and innovation. Has 22-year career as a journalist, writer, columnist, and editor. . Taught leadership at Emory University's The author of many inspirational books Alan Deutschman

Author Qualifications:

Author Qualifications Alan Deutschman is one of America's leading writers on change and innovation. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Politics, 22-yeasr career as a journalist, writer, columnist, and editor. Silicon Valley correspondent for Fortune magazine Contributing editor at Vanity Fair and New York Magazine. Taught leadership at Emory University's Author of many inspirational books


Purpose Entertaining, engaging as well as informative book. #1 Rule for real leaders To lead by example To bring to light the values and principles To give a comprehensive account of leaders who can be characterized as authentic. Explains that aspiring rulers struggle to preserve their positions

Target Identification :

Target Identification Anyone who is a leader or wants to become a leader Anyone who wants to do the right thing Any leader who is willing to be areal leader Those who wants to lead or be a mentor unto others.


Strengths Exposer of leadership styles adopted by different individuals. Concentrates on real life situation Information are first hand in the author’s interviewed majority of the leaders he mentioned. Accounts of leaders who clouded their moral judgment in exchange for recognition and immediate financial gains. About leaders from all sectors of life Demonstrates attitudes of real leaders and the various steps

Weaknesses :

Weaknesses Repetitions of accounts and over exaggeration of some of the key players. It is opinionated and most of the information cannot be verified or left out to be proven. Author focused his analysis on personal philosophies No standard as to what is the right or most important virtue.

Achieved Objectives:

Achieved Objectives Ability of the author to tell stories filled with highly pertinent details Using the technique of eye-opening examples Author is able to persuade leaders to take the necessary steps Author used examples of the different values and virtues. Book showed how people even in the midst of the most difficult situation upheld their values and virtue


Continuation… Deutschman presents a clear, focused, and insightful theory of leadership . Tells revealing true stories about a wide range of authentic leaders Shows the devastating consequences of not walking the walk Eye-opening examples in Walk the Walk will inspire leaders at all levels. It reinforced what literature said about being an authentic and transformational leader.


Recommendation I will recommend the book: It will contribute to general knowledge and character change. I learned a lot about leaders in all works of life who impacted those they lead Book reflects admirable behaviors of real leaders The author profiles the true nature of leadership through a wide range of leaders credited From Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent commitment to Southwestern Airlines embracing a no layoff policy Leaders in the book exhibited true inspirational acts.