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KOEL Green Diesel Generator sets (Genset) in the range of 15 kVA, 20kVA, 25kVA, 30kVA by Kirloskar comply with the CPCB Norm & enhanced fuel efficiency, Genset Controller with monitoring, optional & diagnostic features. Get an Online Price Quote Today!For more details Visit at - https://www.koelgreen.com/15-kva-30-kva


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15 kVA - 30 kVA Low OPEX: Best in class fuel efficiency with O2E technology Robust and Reliable Product: Lowest maintenance and trouble free product with Kirloskar Engines Option of Air Cooled and Water Cooled Engines Compliance: Latest Government Emission Norms CPCB II Start Type: Controller Based Easy Push Start Type Customer Service: Quick and affordable door step service coverage 420+ service touch points and 6000+ KOEL trained service professionals on field Warranty: 2 years warranty labour free onsite service under warranty period Description Indias 1 Genset brand KOEL Green is the Genset brand of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd KOEL the flagship company of the century old Kirloskar Group. KOEL Green is Indias largest selling and most trusted Genset brand for over a decade. Providing back-up power solutions from 15 to 5200 kVA for diverse market sectors "KOEL Green" has over 1 million Gensets in service across the globe.

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High reliability and durability of Gensets Owing to extreme operating conditions in India preference has been given to robust configurations that have been running successfully for several years. Also KOEL is the only manufacturer which provides you with the benefits of choice in terms of Air cooled and Water Cooled gensets. Best-in-class Fuel Efficiency KOEL Green Gensets offer a unique combination of CPCB norm compliance and enhanced fuel efficiency. Across the range KOEL Green Gensets offer substanal savings in fuel cost. O2E Series Opmal Operang Efficiency: Genset ratings are selected based on the present load and future expansion. Fuel efficiency of most Gensets is optimized at the full rating of the Genset. In practice Gensets rarely get loaded to full capacity. Power demand variations across day night weekdays weekends. Summer winter lead to an average 50-70 loading on the gensets. Considering this practical situation KOEL has extended fuel efficiency optimization from 100 right up to 50 of rated load. Combination of best-in-class fuel efficiency O2E provides a double advantage.

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Genset Controls at your finger- tips There is no comfort like being in command. KOEL Green Gensets put the command in your hands. Micro-processor based Genset controllers display a host of Genset parameters and put all controls at your fingertips. Monitoring Features  Lube oil Pressure Engine Temperature RPM lube oil Temperature  Run Hours No. of starts Fuel Level Auto / Manual Stop BaMery charge condition AC Phase Voltage Current kVA kW kWh kVAr Power Factor Optional Features  Modbus communication Features are available from 15 kVA onwards Diagnostic Features  Ballery charging failure Over speed Under speed Over Current Under Voltage Over Voltage Over kW Phase Sequence monitoring Phase missing Common Alarm Hooter output  Low lube oil Pressure High Engine Temperature Low/High battery voltage Low Fuel Level alarm Over Crank protection Routine Maintenance indicator Genset Test Facility fail to start/stop Peace-of-mind Ownership KOEL Green Gensets have always been preferred for their robust design and reliability over long usage life. KOEL Green range carries the confidence of well-established and proven engine platforms. For compliance to revised CPCB norms KOEL has carefully selected those technologies which not only retain but enhance Gensets durability and on-site serviceability. Thus KOEL Gensets offer you many years of trouble-free performance backed by the assurance of prompt support. Peace-of-mind driven by product reliability and low cost of ownership.

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7-Days assured Delivery KOEL Chhota Chilli Gensets comes with a promise of assured delivery within 7 days of confirm order placement. Genset being a high value capital purchase may lead to needless block of capital and hence need not be purchased in advance. It is prudent to order the genset at the right time and plan the deliveries in line with your readiness to use. This will also avoid damages to genset due to lying unattended at site and engine re-validation cost. Complete Solution with AMFi Panels KOEL AMFi panels automatically switch on your genset when the mains supply fails and switch off the genset when the mains supply restores giving you un-matched convenience. Elementary Points to Ponder during selection of a Genset: 1. Prime rating and Stand-by rating ¹ Prime power is designed for unlimited hours as compared to Emergency stand-by designed for 200 hours in a year. Prime rated Gensets also permit 10 temporary overloading. Users need to carefully select the Genset rating to meet their requirement. KOEL offers Prime power as a standard offer. Contact KOEL for stand-by ratings.

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2. Engine capacity does matter ² Engine capacity cc plays a vital role in Genset performance. Higher engine capacity leads to a robust and stable Genset performance. Higher engine capacity also enables the Genset to respond quickly positively to sudden load additions. 7 Easy steps for a happy Genset Ownership  Insist on a load-study  Select the Genset rating as per the load-study and with sufficient margin for future load expansion  Apply site-selection guidelines carefully  Insist on installation in line with KG guidelines  Ensure adequate size and proper connection of cables  Understand the Genset operation maintenance procedures during commissioning  Follow routine maintenance protocols through authorized KG service dealers Product Specifications Prime Rating at rated rpm as per ISO8528 1 kVA 15 20 25 30 25 30 kW 12 16 20 24 20 24 Genset Model KG1-15AS KG1- 20WS KG1-25AS KG1-1- 30AS KG1-25WS KG1-30WS Frequency Hz 50 50 50 50 50 50 Power factor lagging 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 Voltage V 230 1Ø 415 3Ø Governing class As per ISO 8528 Part-V G2 G2 G2 G2 G2 G2 Noise level dBA 75 75 75 75 75 75 Fuel Consumption At 100 Load Ltrs/hr 4 5.1 6.4 8.2 5.8 7.6 At 75 Load 3 3.8 5 6.4 4.4 5.8 At 50 Load 2.2 2.7 4 4.9 2.9 4.4 Fuel tank capacity Ltrs 65 65 65 65 65 65 Weight of genset with canopy approx.. Dry Kg 900 920 1130 1130 1150 1150 Wet Kg 950 970 1180 1180 1220 1220 Overall dimensions of genset Length mm 1740 2055 2130 2130 2350 2350 Width mm 1050 950 1050 1050 950 950 Height mm 1410 1220 1520 1520 1230 1230 Electrical Battery starting voltage Volts-DC 12 12 12 12 12 12 ENGINE

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Engine Model HA294 G1 2R1040 G1 HA394 TCI G1 HA394 TCI G2 3R1040T G1 3R1040T G1 Rated output Prime Continuous rating as per ISO 8528-1 KW 15.1 18.8 23.5 29.4 24 30.9 HP 20.5 25.5 32 40 42 42 No. of cylinder Number 2 2 3 3 3 3 Cubic capacity Ltrs 1.88 2.08 2.89 2.89 3.12 3.12 Bore x Stroke mm 100 x 120 105 x 120 105 x 120 105 x 120 100 x 120 105 x 120 Rated Speed RPM 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 Aspiration NA/TC/TA NA NA TC TC TC TC Lube Oil change period Hrs 500 500 500 500 500 500 Lube Oil Sump Capacity Ltrs 5 5.5 8 8 8 8 Coolant Capacity Ltrs NA 9 NA NA 14.5 14.5 ALTERNATOR Insulation Class Class H Alternator Efficiency at 100 load 0.8 pf 86 88.9 88.8 88.8 89 89 Max Voltage Dip at Full Load 0.8 pf Lag Sec 20 16 16 16 16 16 Max Time to build up rated voltage at Rated RPM 5 sec provided engine reach the rated speed For Intermediate ratings Kindly contact nearest KOEL office For more details Visit at - https://www.koelgreen.com/15-kva-30-kva