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In this post Know your food tells you about the effects of sugar on your body.


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What happens to your body when you eat too much Sugar?

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Too much sugar in the diet is not a good thing at all; it can lead you to some serious permanent health issues. Signs of excessive sugar- Low Energy level -  Glucose is one of the essential sources of Energy in Human body. Keeping sugar balanced in the diet is important to maintain. When we eat sugar, the pancreas releases Hormone called Insulin, for transfer of sugar to each cell. When we consume sugar there is an increase in energy, so body demands more. The energy level is not constant. For energy choose low Sugar and high Protein, Fiber or Fat-rich food. Acne issues-  A refined sugar from cold drinks, Juice is associated with high risk of acne. Refined sugar can rapidly increase insulin level and androgen level in the body. This androgen secretion increase oil production and inflammation of the skin which to acne production.

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Risk of Cancer -  Increase amount of Sugar in the diet increases inflammation which causes insulin resistance. For example-Esophageal cancer, Small intestine cancer, endometrial cancer & Pancreas cancer.

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Premature Ageing -  Food with a high amount of refined sugar in it can lead to premature aging. The high amount of sugar damage collagen and skin elastic, these are skin proteins that help in skin stretching & keeping it youthful when it loses skin lost its firmness. Lower the intake of carbs instead of that increase Protein, fats, and fibers in the diet. Also some skin condition like eczema. Obesity -  Processed sugar is present in Tea, Coffee, Juice. Increase amount of processed sugar beverages increases Fats in the body. Belly fats increase the risk of Heart Diseases and Diabetes type 2. Heart Diseases -  Heart Diseases are highly associated with high amount of sugar in Diet. The most common cause of Death worldwide due to heart diseases is associated with the high amount of sugar in the diet. The high amount of sugar in the diet leads to High blood pressure, Atherosclerosis, increase in cholesterol.

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Risk of Diabetes type 2 -  Increase fats in the abdominal area leads to the risk of heart diseases and Diabetes type 2.Prolonged consumption of Sugar can increase resistance to insulin. Increase resistance of insulin causes increase amount of sugar in the blood which strongly increases Risk of Diabetes type 2. The high amount of sugar in the diet can lead to some other diseases like  Fatty liver, Kidney Disease, Dental cavities, and Gout . To learn more about these health issues and how to avoid these issues, visit:- knowyourfood.in All these processed food contain artificial sugar. Unfortunately, sugar is not good for Health to stay away!!

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