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Information and communication technology in Education


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ICT Enabled Teaching & Learning in Teacher Educators of Tamilnadu Dr. K.NACHIMUTHU Asst. Prof of Education PERIYAR UNIVERSITY SALEM, Tamilnadu,India [email protected]

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Paper presented at Bhandranayaka International Memorial Hall, Colombo, Srilanka e-ASIA 2009 International Conference

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Now there are more than 23 Central Universities, 60 Deemed Universities and 279 university-level institutions (AIU, Sep 2009) in India who have been putting their might to promote educational research in Education. Higher Education in India

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“The teacher edn has unique potential to train the teachers without taking them away from work. Thus it is better means of transferring knowledge & skills to teachers in their day-to-day practice”. Importance of Teacher Education

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In India, N.C.T.E & N.A.C.C Accrediting & Inspect the Teacher Education institutions to check the quality in teacher education. Indian Teacher Education Controllers

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The demand for B.Ed- has increased -the need for trained Trs. -upgrade number of schools, colleges Formal institutions in the Country can not cope-up with such a demand. Today teachers  Tomorrow’s society

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Information is a key factor in the generation of wealth. ICT can be used as a core to the teacher training process. ICT refers to forms of technology that are used to transmit, store, create, share or exchange information in any classrooms. ICT as a key factor

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to determine how far ICT utilized effective tool; to check the skills in handling How to maintain diff. types of HW & SW Objectives of the study

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Hypotheses of the study (i) there is no signi. diff between the Govt & private (aided & self-financed) lecturers in the utilization of ICT in orientation training courses (ii) there were sufficient ICT devices with regards to the Govt & Private Colleges for their utilization.

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Tools for the Study 1. ICT Utility Checklist (ICTUC) 2. ICT availability information schedule (ICTIS)

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Sample for the Study 102 Arts & Science Colllege Lecturers - 57th& 58th Orientation course Academic Staff College of Bharthidasan Univ, Trichy Dt, Tamilnadu, India - 2008-2009

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Findings of the Study ICT Utility by Training Lecturers

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Findings of the Study Self-financed Colleges were found to have high ICT facilities with very good audio visual aids & computer systems with 100% internet connections. There was an e-library with Information Library Network (INFLIBNET) in all the institutions.

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Findings of the Study Contd.. There were no interactive video teleconferencing (ITV) facilities available in any of the Colleges. But for CAI, e-mail & Video programmes, Fax machines were more available

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ICT Availability Index in Arts & Sci. Colleges

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Findings of the Study Contd.. There were no signi. Diff. between Govt & Private College lecturers using ICT devices in their Orientation training classes (‘t’=1.539). There were sufficient ICT devices available with regard to the Govt & Private colleges for their utilization.

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Findings of the Study Contd.. Under-utilization of ETV programmes was electricity failure, lack of awareness & non-payment to personnel on time. Some claimed that the content - programmes - little above their level of knowledge, & syntax used also somewhat difficult.

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Dr.K.NACHIMUTHU, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Education, Periyar University, Salem - 11, Tamilnadu. India Thank You +91 09842726987 dr_knmuthu @ yahoo.com

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