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Naturopathic methods of assessment performed to rigorous allopathic scientific standards adhering to all US federal regulations. Health assessments, biochemical evaluations, personalized reports, health regimens made easy for the counselor, practitioner or doctor.

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MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide a non-invasive, comprehensive , scientifically based methodology and protocol for Allopathic and alternative, or complementary, medical professionals. This protocol is geared to unite both schools of thought and enable all practitioners to work in harmony for the ultimate good of the patient.

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“What excites me most is that, for the first time in history, federally recognized lab facilities have developed a ‘Health Standard’ that can be used both by individuals and by scientific and medical professionals to develop nutritional programs geared specifically to each patient’s actual biochemistry. What a great way to monitor a patient’s strength and health during allopathic procedures! This three-fold approach – which deals with customizing optimal nutrition, balancing metabolism, as well as addressing biological invasion such as viruses and bacteria, should be a welcome addition to any doctor’s medical practice.” Douglas R. Stutz, PhD Former Executive Officer, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; former Consultant to the US Office of Surgeon General; former professor Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, George Washington University Medical School; member, University of Miami Medical School Board of Directors.

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“American health care consumers and professional have long needed access to a certified clinical laboratory that can help them monitor their own health or the health of their patient, and can help them establish wellness programs to accompany traditional medical protocol. I commend Hallmark Wellness Group for preparing to meet this need. The development of this methodology should play a major role in merging the languages of the Allopathic and Naturopathic health care systems, enabling these modalities to work together in harmony.” Clyde B. Jensen, PhD Formerly with Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Public Osteopathic Medical College, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, OU Health Sciences Center, Tulsa; Chairman and CEO Integrated Medical Services, Inc.

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Danna Grace Hallmark, DN, NMD, CN Founder Danna Hallmark is CEO of Hallmark Wellness Group and CEO, Director of Education, Chairman of the Board and founder of Hallmark Naturopath College. She teaches in all the existing programs at the college and is responsible for the discovery and development of new material and programs. Her responsibilities include overseeing the development of the testing, research and marketing aspects of the clinic, Ounce of Prevention Wellness Center, and the development of the private label brand, Hallmark Wellness Group Brand supplements, nutraceuticals and rain forest botanicals. She is also founder and CEO of Natural Healing Direct, an Internet natural health testing and reporting development.

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Clyde B. Jensen, PhD. Integrative Medicine International Education Clyde B. Jensen has one of the most distinctive and diverse resumes in medical education. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1974 from the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of North Dakota he became: -America's youngest medical school president at the age of 32.-The only person to serve as chief or senior executive at colleges of allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic and oriental medicine.-One of a few higher education executives to preside over a half-dozen colleges including   public and private with community college through doctoral programs.-A member of institutional and programmatic higher education accrediting bodies.-A reviewer for federally funded research proposals in the biomedical sciences.-A recipient of teaching awards from higher education institutions and leadership awards from major health care professions.-An investigator in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

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Carolyn F. A. Dean MD, ND, CCN Medical Matters Public Relations/Media Carolyn Dean MD ND is a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant, and author and coauthor of 19 health books.  She has been in the forefront of Integrative medicine for over thirty years. Dr. Dean has a lifelong commitment to educating people about nutrition and lifestyle so they can take responsibility for their own health. This culminated in the creation of Future Health Now! her 3-year online Wellness Program. Danna Hallmark and Dr. Dean partner in the ground-breaking Hallmark-Dean Laboratory and the associated training facility. Dr. Dean is Medical Director of The Nutritional Magnesium Association.

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Douglas R. Stutz, PhD Research Laboratory Protocol -Walter Reed Army Institute of Research: USA, Executive Officer -United States Army: Pre-hospital Care Consultant to the Office of Surgeon General, Federal Fire Service ---Liaison responsible for world wide emergency programs, Emergency Medical Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Military Medicine -Bradford Communications Corporation: Vice-President of Operations -Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences: Assistant Professor of Emergency and Contingency Medicine -George Washington University Medical School: Department of Emergency Medicine, Adjunct Assistant Professor -Corporate Response Group: Senior Associate, providing consulting services to government agencies. -Douglas R. Stutz Associates: President and Founder -Emergency Management Institute: Adjunct Instructor -The American College of PreHospital Medicine: Director of Hazardous Materials Technology University of Miami Medical School: Member of Board of Directors -GDS Communications: Formerly Douglas R. Stutz Associates

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Guillaume N. Safah, R.N.C.P Chief Operations Officer, UAE GNS Wellness Labs Dubai, UAE BA, York University, B.Ed, Universite du Quebec, BA in translation, MA in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, Edison Institute of Nutrition. Introduced the first ever nutrition course in the Ontario school system. Registered Nutritionist, International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC). Member Integrative Medicine Institute Holds credentials in Fitness, Nutrition, Fitness Leadership, Personal Training. Integrating lifestyle medicine into cutting edge Anti-Aging Medicine research and clinical application. Partnered with Hallmark-Dean Wellness Labs to bring that methodology into the African and Asian arenas.

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WHAT IS MEANT BY DIAGNOSIS? To diagnose, according to most medical dictionaries, is to determine the nature of a disease or distinguish one disease from another. This automatically requires that categories or groups of symptoms be given “names”, which results in persons with a certain group or category of symptoms be labeled as having one “disease” or another. Many times the mysterious “disease” is merely one or more of the symptoms translated into Latin. This method does not take into consideration the myriad of factors that can come into play that can cause a certain symptom or group or category of symptoms to be present in the first place.

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What Is Meant By A Conclusion? A conclusion, according to Webster, is “a reasoned judgment or inference”. To infer, again, according to Webster, means, “to arrive at by reasoning”. So, to conclude a thing, one has to arrive at a judgment by assessing facts and reasoning how they relate to one another. Hallmark-Dean Methodology is not concerned with distinguishing between disease categories or naming groups of symptoms as diseases, but with arriving at the biochemical needs of a subject by evaluating gathered data (variables) and letting that data conclude what is wrong and what should be done about it. We have found that by addressing these biochemical needs in this way, symptoms that indicate disease situations many times disappear.

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OVERVIEW Hallmark-Dean Laboratory analysis, evaluation, and therapy is based on the premise that, in order to be able to improve a patient's health, practitioners must first have a means to obtain a clear biochemical picture, or "snapshot”, of that patient's current health status.  It is then possible to compare it with the "Health Standard” -- an optimal biochemical picture representing what a healthy person looks like in laboratory terms.  Essentially, the practitioner then is able to recommend the treatment needed to bring a patient's biochemical picture into alignment with the "Health Standard.”  At that point he, or she, will feel healthy, be healthy, and experience the zest for life that all healthy people can expect to enjoy.

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Where Is “Here”? As in the case of any journey, when you begin your journey back to health it stands to reason that it is vital to have some overall picture of where you are going. You need landmarks. You need data to compare where you are now to where you want to be. You need a system to compare your health against what is considered “Healthy” and information about where you have been and where you are going, as well as an idea of what aspects of your health are in need of your attention before you can intelligently begin your journey.

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Hallmark-Dean Labs fill two of the greatest needs of alternative health practitioners: A health evaluation method that would make it possible for alternative health practitioners to gather biochemical information on their patient to make appropriate decisions using accepted scientific data. Methodology compliant with existing rules, standards and regulations, and, at the same time, feasible for a small practitioner to put into place. In other words, the Hallmark Wellness Laboratory Method is a system of alternative health care that is thorough, holistic, legal, compliant, cost effective, space saving and able to be handled in any office, no matter how small. Hallmark-Dean Methodology consists of both subjective and objective lab procedures. They include the following:

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Objective Variables / Urinalysis / Body Composition Analyzer Specific Gravity Resistance Leucocytes Reactance Nitrates Phase Angle Protein Capacitance Glucose Total Body Water Ketones Intracellular Water Urobilinogen Extracellular Water Bilirubin Body Cell Mass Erythrocytes Fat Free Mass Carbohydrates (brix) Fat Content (Mass) pH Extracellular Tissues Salts

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Variables Included from Blood Panel: White Blood Cell Count Red Blood Cell Count Hemoglobin Hematocrit MCV MCH MCHC RDW Platelet Count Absolute Neutrophils Absolute Lymphocytes Absolute Monocytes Absolute Monocytes Absolute Eosinophils Absolute Basophils Neutrophils Lymphocytes Monocytes Eosinophils Basophils Cholesterol, Total HDL Cholesterol Triglycerides LDL Cholesterol

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Subjective Variables from Urinalysis Albumin Nitrate by reagent Ammonium Nitrogen by reagent Drug Evidence by Observation Parasites Evidence by Reagent Bacteria Evidence by Observation Metals Evidence by Reagent Yeast/Fungus Evidence by Reagent

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Information on current symptoms is gathered in the following categories: Hypoglycemia Hyperglycemia Lung Function Kidney/Bladder Function Prostate Health Male Reproductive/Genital Health Premenstrual Syndrome Ovarian Dysfunction Menstrual Irregularities Dysplasia/Fibrocystic Syndrome Menopause Bone Integrity Muscle Health Connective Tissue Disorders Neurological Conditions Hyperacidity Small Intestine/Pancreas Endocrine Function Gastric Dysfunction Colon Health Liver/Gallbladder Function Hypothyroid Status Adrenal Dysfunction Hypoimmunity Hyperimmunity Anemia Hypertension Heart Function Circulation Health

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The conclusions are presented in a sequence that should make it easier for the practitioner and for the patient. They are grouped into four different categories in an order that should be logical for a patient to follow. The groups are: Toxins and Pollutants. There are laboratory markers that indicate the presence of infections, pollutants and toxins affecting a patient’s body. Biochemistry / Organs and Systems. There are laboratory variables that, alone or in groups, show the strength of a patient’s biochemistry through the health of each organ and system. Cell Health / Body Make-up. There are factors that show the health of a patient’s cells and the make-up of his tissues. Symptoms. Explanation of the symptoms a patient reports on his HAQ.

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Building a report in this sequence allows a patient to see, in essence: What interlopers are bothering his body, How his body is able to fight off these interlopers and maintain the feeding and repair of itself, How much damage has already taken place in his body which needs to be repaired, and What is the meaning of his symptoms.

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Each Report addresses each of the following Health Categories: Toxins and Pollutants Virus Status Parasites Indication Chemical Indication Drug Toxicity Indication Fungus/Yeast Indication Extracellular Water / Indication of Toxicity BioChemistry / Organs and Systems Digestion Principles Blood Sugar Evaluation Hypoglycemia / Hyperglycemia Effects Liver/Kidney Observations Ammonium Nitrate Ratio Ammonium Nitrate Reading Heart Stress Observations Cholesterol Principles Mineral Intake Mineral Balance and Usage Aging Factors Digestive Efficiency Tissue Mineral Concentration Energy Reserve Capacity to Maintain Health Cell Health / Body Makeup Water Needs Total Body Fluids Status Extracellular Water / Cell Health Cell Health Regeneration Index Cont.

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Symptoms Hypoacidity Small Intestine, Endocrine pancreas Gastric Dysfunction Toxic Colon, Toxic Liver Toxic Colon Moderate Colon Toxicity, Major Liver Toxicity Major Colon Toxicity, Moderate Liver Toxicity Moderate Colon Toxicity, Minor Liver Toxicity Minor Colon Toxicity, Major Liver Toxicity Thyroid Adrenal Alarm with Immune System in Transition between Overactivity and Exhaustion Adrenal Alarm with Immune System Over Active Adrenal Alarm with Immune System Exhaustion Adrenal Alarm with Immune System Slightly Exhausted (Medium Hyperimmune) Adrenal Alarm with Immune System Slightly Exhausted (Medium Hypoimmune) No Adrenal Alarm with Immune System in Transition between Overactivity and Exhaustion No Adrenal Alarm with Immune System Underactive Cont.

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No Adrenal Alarm with Immune System Overactive No Adrenal Alarm with Immune System in Transition between Overactivity and Exhaustion with Slight Hypoimmune Activity No Adrenal Alarm with Immune System in Transition between Overactivity and Exhaustion with High Hypoimmune Activity Moderate Adrenal Alarm with Immune System in Transition with Both Hypo and Hyperimmune Overactive Anemia Hypertension Heart Circulation Hypoglycemia Hyperglycemia Lungs Kidney/Bladder Prostate Health Male Reproduction / Genital Health Cont.

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Premenstrual Syndrome Premenstrual Syndrome with Low Blood Sugar Premenstrual Syndrome with High Blood Sugar Premenstrual Syndrome with both High and Low Blood Sugar Symptoms Ovarian Dysfunction with Age Under 40 Ovarian Dysfunction with Age Over 40 Menstrual Irregularities Dysplasia/Fibrocystic Syndrome Menopause Bone Integrity Muscle Connective Tissue Connective Tissue with Weak or Toxic Liver Neurological

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It is our philosophy that the body works as a whole, you can’t benefit one organ or system without affecting every other part –like a kaleidoscope. And, if health benefits are going to be achieved in one organ or system, each system must be monitored and taken care of at the same time. By reporting the way we do, Hallmark-Dean Labs is providing a comprehensive overview of the human body, without dealing with one specific area. When we raise the health level of the entire body, diseases such as: Diabetes, Cancer, Bone Disease , Viral Diseases As well as conditions resulting from disease such as: Obesity, Stress, Debilitation, Weakness Will begin to lessen, and symptoms such as: Stiffness, Pain , Dyspepsia, Insomnia, Fatigue Will disappear.

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Each laboratory session concludes with a comprehensive report which is sent to the patient or the professional. Reports are typically 7 to 12 pages long. Sections of actual reports are shown on the following four slides:

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Painful and debilitating diseases like Fibromyalgia affect thousands of people worldwide. The graphs below were developed from data gathered on a middle-age female patient. The first graph, taken by computer from her Health Appraisal Questionnaire represents how the patient felt before we developed her Health Improvement Program. The graph on this page shows how her symptoms greatly lessened after 45 days on a program developed using Hallmark-Dean Laboratory Protocol.

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Senior citizens respond remarkably well to Hallmark-Dean health improvement methods. The graphs below were developed from data gathered on this 92-year-old male patient. The first graph represents how the patient felt before he began his Health Improvement Program. The second graph shows how his symptoms disappeared after 30 days on our program.

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There may be a number of other possibilities that arise once our methodology is being considered.   These are the three most prominent:   SPECIFIC BRAND NAME PRODUCTS AND FORMULAS AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED IN REPORT      One way to engender respect and repeat business is for a practitioner to be able to provide his own health formulas to help the patient deal with the issues they are facing.  We understand, more than most, the complications facing anyone wanting to undertake this daunting task.  Hallmark Laboratories started comprehensive formulating more than 20 years ago and already has a complete line of homeopathic and naturopathic formulas that can be private labeled for the end use practitioner.  However, it is possible to write our software program to automatically include the products that are under someone else’s private label, or their stock of products thereby personalizing the report and recommendations to the health care practitioner, retail establishment, or other interested entity, as well as the patient.

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TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENTS AND REPORTS INTO LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH      Obviously, these reports are currently geared toward an English speaking and reading audience so we would have to spearhead an effort to translate the documents into usable language formats for the practitioners and patients whose language is other than English.     REPORTS GEARED TO PINPOINT SPECIFIC PROTOCOL      Our program can be engineered to pinpoint variables for a specific disease or group of problems. Also, further software developments will allow the information gathered from this testing methodology to tailor the reports and documentation to a specific area of health care practice such as Geriatric or Bariatric, sports medicine, or other specialties.

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Hallmark-Dean Development 2518 E. Palmer Rd. Sulphur, OK 73086 580-618-2724 [email protected] We can benefit you , your practice and patients in the following ways: Personalized Lab Test and Results available through overnight carrier Specialized Regimens and Health Programs Courses and Training in Lab Technology Training as a Naturopathic Counselor Establishing your own Hallmark-Dean Lab Affiliate