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Diwali By Group 3 Yasmina, Stephanie and Jack

When and How Long?:

When and How Long? In the fall. On November 16 th Diwali lasts 1 day

Who celebrates Diwali?:

Who celebrates Diwali? Indians are one of the people who celebrate Diwali

What are some symbols?:

What are some symbols? Peace Fire Special cloth

What are Traditions?:

What are Traditions? Give Gifts Welcome Gods

Activities :

Activities Light up fireworks Light up home made oil lamps

Fun facts!:

Fun facts! Each day they honor a different god They eat candy dice and sugar disks Indians and African’s Americans celebrate Diwali They thank gods that have defeated evil Decorate houses with Christmas lights

Any more questions?:

Any more questions? What gifts? When did it begin? What’s its legend? What do they eat for dinner?

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