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Meet The Shelly Leeke Law Firm! : 

Meet The Shelly Leeke Law Firm!

Attorney Shelly Leeke : 

Attorney Shelly Leeke Graduated cum laude from Tulane University Law School Written numerous reports and articles to help accident victims & their families Member of the South Carolina State Bar Association Practicing personal injury law for nearly a decade

The Friendly SLLF Staff! : 

The Friendly SLLF Staff! Angel Klein Legal Assistant Kimberly Neumann Administrative Assistant Kristen Rayner Marketing Assistant

Practice Areas: : 

Practice Areas: Motor Vehicle Accidents Accidents Involving Children & Minors

Practice Areas: : 

Practice Areas: Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents Social Security Disability

Practice Areas: : 

Practice Areas: Wrongful Death Workers’ Compensation

Practice Areas: : 

Practice Areas: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) Dog Bites

We’re Here To Help You! : 

We’re Here To Help You! Contact Us Today For a FREE Consultation! 843-277-6061 [email protected] We Have Six Great Locations To Serve You! Visit Our Website To View Our Addresses