The Love of Coffee

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Information I found regarding coffee.


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The Love of Coffee:

The Love of Coffee Kevin M. Elliott KME Creations


Coffee Coffee by no stretch of the imagination has been a constantly preferred beverage in my world since being introduced as a teenager. My Holy Trinity so to speak is Coffee, Cream, and Sugar. With that in mind, I wanted to become knowledgeable about this tasty beverage.

Brief History of Coffee:

Brief History of Coffee Coffee goes back as early as the 13 th Century Discovered by a 9 th Century Goat Herder in Ethiopia Earliest documented case of Coffee drinking 15 th Century Sufi Monastery of Yemen. In the 16 th Century coffee had reached the Middle East, Persia, Turkey, Northern Africa, and subsequently Italy, Europe and the Americas

How do you take it? :

Coffee can be served several different ways; Latte Cappuccino Espressos Café Mochas Regular Brewed Coffee Decaf Iced Hot How do you take it?

Coffee Brands:

There are several brands to choose in the US; Coffee Brands Example to the right only shows a limited number of the coffee you can get in the United States.

Health & Coffee The Good:

Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Reduces risk of Parkinson’s Disease Reduces incidents of dying from Cardiovascular Disease Reduces risk of Oral, Esophageal and Pharyngeal Cancers Health & Coffee The Good

Health & Coffee The Bad:

Caffeine Dependency Gastrointestinal Issues Anxiety and Sleep Changes Higher Cholesterol Health & Coffee The Bad

In Closing:

My Love Affair with coffee will go on regardless of the side effects or benefits of this beautiful beverage Some people choose their beverage, ranging from Alcohol, Soda, Juice, to Milk, and Water Mine will always be Coffee The Sweetest words in the English Language or Any Language: “Coffee’s Done” In Closing

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