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Good to Great Professional Development:

Good to Great Professional Development Katie Cullen Andrea Scott

The Flywheel Effect:

The Flywheel Effect What does it take to make this flywheel turn as fast and as long as possible? It starts with one push, and then another, and so on all in the same direction . After some time you gain momentum and the flywheel begins to work with you and you reach a breakthrough. Its weight doing the work on its own. But what caused this breakthrough?


Breakthrough There isn’t one moment that causes the breakthrough for a school it is a result of the constant pushing in one direction. In order to reach a breakthrough and become great everyone needs to be working for the same goal.

Every move counts, are you helping to build the momentum in your school or are you slowing the momentum?:

Every move counts, are you helping to build the momentum in your school or are you slowing the momentum? Do you understand the vision and mission of your school? Do you understand the necessary measures to achieve that mission and vision? What are you doing to turn the flywheel? Does it align with the mission and vision?

Stockdale Paradox:

Stockdale Paradox Background The name refers to Admiral Stockdale, who was the highest ranking United States military officer in the “Hanoi Hilton” prisoner-of-war camp during the height of the Vietnam War. He had an eight-year imprisonment from 1965 to 1973 Tortured over 28 times

Stockdale Paradox:

Stockdale Paradox Throughout his eight years of imprisonment and torture Stockdale remained in a hopeful mind frame . “Retain absolute faith that you can and will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties. And at the same time confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”


SLO’s ACT Aspire When to use the Stockdale Paradox in our schools?

Flywheel and Stockdale Paradox:

Flywheel and Stockdale Paradox

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