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KloudConnectors is a cloud integration platform, It integrates popular SaaS/Cloud Apps at Business Processes level and Data level. https://www.kloudconnectors.com/zoho-to-mailchimp-connector


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http://www.kloudconnectors.com Connecting Business Processes in Cloud

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http://www.kloudconnectors.com What is KloudConnectors ? KloudConnectors is a cloud integration platform, It integrates popular SaaS/Cloud Apps at Business Processes level and Data level.

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http://www.kloudconnectors.com Kloud Connectors helps customers in 87 countries to connect their cloud apps and processes 2.5 million records every day !!

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http://www.kloudconnectors.com Ready Connectors: Zoho Connectors Magento Connectors Salesforce Connectors Insightly Connectors Highrise Connectors Vend Connectors Eventbright Connectors Evernote Connectors

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http://www.kloudconnectors.com Xero Connectors FreeAgent Connectors 1ShoppingCart Connectors Zendesk Connectors CampaignMonitor Connectors MailChimp Connectors

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Features: Cloud/SaaS systems have become essential for every business and so is Cloud Connectors . Kloud Connectors integrates popular business apps in cloud. http://www.kloudconnectors.com Easy to Use Cloud based Get your job done easily with Intuitive User interface Easy Visibility into your Syncs Work from Anywhere 24/7 No more Downloads No hardware installations Schedule Your Syncs Get your job done easily with Intuitive User Interface Easy Visibility into your Syncs

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Starts in Seconds Experience Speed All our Connectors start in a jiffy Its ON before you know it Choose Best Clouds Choose Any Cloud you want We'll connect them for you Automate business processes No Contract Lock In Pay only as much as you need Cancel it anytime you wish Monthly, Annual plans available http://www.kloudconnectors.com

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Support Even Robustly built products sometimes need support Rely on our Email & Chat support to fix your issues fast Ready or Customized One size does not fit all We know that very well. Let us build Custom Connectors to suit your business needs http://www.kloudconnectors.com

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About Us: We believe, rather know, that the world`s future is in Clouds. We are doing our tiny bit in making it easier for people to use Cloud Based Apps . Clouds give you so much freedom. Freedom from Viruses, freedom from Maintenance, freedom from Downloads and freedom from Contracts. We believe in Clouds We believe in a Connected world So it was natural for us to create what we did. http://www.kloudconnectors.com

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So we thought lets extend this freedom some more. One should also have the freedom to use whichever Cloud App one wants. By the way, there are many good ones for each purpose. With Kloud Connectors in your pocket, you don`t have to worry about Integration, when you go out shopping for different Cloud apps/products Whether its CRM or Accounting, Email Marketing, e-Commerce or anything else. We have you covered. http://www.kloudconnectors.com

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Contact Us: So, Go ahead and get any Cloud app you want.  We will make sure they are Connected and working well. Kloud Connectors US  : +1-917-720-3661 UK  : +44-08447048669 IN  : +91-20-25393381 Address: Office No 39, Opposite Shastri Nagar Police Station, Paud Road, Kothrud , Pune , Maharashtra 411038 Email: [email protected] Web: http://www.kloudconnectors.com / KloudConnectors / kloudconnectors / Kloudconnectors