Harnessing United Healthcares virtual knowledge

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Harnessing United Healthcare’s virtual knowledge :

Harnessing United Healthcare’s virtual knowledge Presented by Eric M. Hough April 15, 2013

Executive summary :

Executive summary Current population base 19,828,952 97% accuracy = 19,234,083 3% error = 594,869 Cost $2,144,502.75 in salary. 71.5 full time positions

The United Culture:

The United Culture Integrity Compassion Relationships Innovation Performance

Integrity :

Integrity Honor commitments. Never compromise ethics Speak the truth. Deliver on our promises Have the courage to acknowledge mistakes


Compassion Walk in the shoes of people we serve Actively listen to fully understand


Relationships Build trust through collaboration Encourage diversity


Innovation Invent the future Learn from the past


Performance Deliver high quality results Commit to excellence Be accountable. Make a difference

Be Here Now:

Pay Attention to the Person or Task in Front of You Be Here Now Avoid Multi-tasking Participate in the discussion

Virtual Work :

Virtual Work Asynchronous Synchronous Communication 33% of all employees are virtual


Synchronous Text message Instant message Skype Phone call


Asynchronous Emails Pod casts Blogs Announcements

Virtual Work :

Virtual Work Independent / isolated Explicit Knowledge Tacit Knowledge

Explicit Knowledge:

Explicit Knowledge Can be captured Can be written down Can be easily reviewed

Tacit Knowledge:

Tacit Knowledge Difficult to document Knowledge transferred through mentoring Is the knowledge in our heads Difficult to put into words

Knowledge Capture :

Knowledge Capture Web Camera Engage Challenge / Reward

Knowledge Refinement:

Knowledge Refinement Remove personalization Generalize Repurpose knowledge

Knowledge Access:

Knowledge Access Date Project type Subject

Knowledge Reuse :

Knowledge Reuse Review database Remove outdated knowledge Replace removed knowledge

Communication Flow:

Communication Flow Data source Information repository Knowledge Repository Data Flow

PowerPoint Presentation:

Knowledge access Virtual employee Knowledge capture Knowledge reuse Knowledge refinement

Any Questions?:

Any Questions?


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