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EMR - Transcription:

EMR - Transcription Shortening the Revenue Cycle


Outline Business Process Redesign Cycle Business Vision - Objectives Identifying Processes Review and Analyze As-Is Processes Design To-Be Processes Test and Implement To-Be Processes Monitor and Improve Conclusion

Business Project Redesign:

Business Project Redesign

Business Vision - Objectives:

Business Vision - Objectives National leader in clinical excellence It is all about money Shorten the revenue cycle Timely documentation Make it more efficient and effective Goal – more dollars coming in faster

Identifying Process:

Identifying Process Documentation required for: Continuum of care Billing Documentation produced by: Registration Cardiology Radiology Laboratory Ancillary Departments

As-Is Processes:

As-Is Processes Data Entry at time of registration Data entry at time of specialty departments Radiology Cardiology Pathology Laboratory Specialty departments forward information to Health Information Department Information scanned into EMR

As-Is Processes:

As-Is Processes Documentation redundancy Delayed documentation Inaccurate documentation Potential for: Claims Denial Legal Ramifications Regulating agencies citations

As-Is Processes:

As-Is Processes Medical Record analyzed for completeness Required documentation in record Medical record accessed by coding specialists International Classification of Disease coding assigned Billing department submits final billing to appropriate agencies

To-Be Processes:

To-Be Processes Assess IT capabilities Interfaces for all Assess Dictation/Transcription platforms Involve HIM/Transcription staff Can provide crucial information on processes Promotes buy-in Collaborate with specialty departments Medical Transcription centralized for all departments

To-Be Processes:

To-Be Processes Medical Transcription services for Cardiology Pathology Radiology Emergency Room EMR repository of all documentation Documentation available at time of transcription Available for continuum of care Meet standards of care requirements

To-Be Processes:

To-Be Processes Patient registration information accessible to all specialty departments Eliminates redundancy of data entry Documentation available for concurrent coding Final billing processed 24-48 post discharge Documentation in EMR for continuum of care

Test - Implement:

Test - Implement Establish test environment Collaborate with all departments impacted Involve all staff members in change Implement to be To-Be processes Continuously monitor workflow Fine tune inconsistencies Comparative analysis of output from As-Is


Conclusion The lifeline of a health care organization is money. By centralizing key workflow processes, transcription documentation, the organization will benefit in various ways. Reduce redundancies in data entry Provide a central repository for all documentation Provide documentation for continuum of care Provide documentation to satisfy regulating agency requirements Shorten the revenue cycle

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