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So here’s some quality and proven advice on how to gain muscle mass.I know what it is like when you feel like you eat all the time and have nothing to show for it. See More -


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Contact us:  [email protected] Website : About Us What is Strength Upgrade? Strength Upgrade  is a spotlight on some of the most powerful, tested and unbiased insights in the world of physical fitness along with empowerment towards life skills and personal development. There is always a  “Mental Component”  involved to whatever you do in life. All these elements align together, to give you a real Strength Upgrade.


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Contact us:  [email protected] Website : 8 Proven Ways To Increase Muscle Mass Nutrition Training Know Caloric Surplus Do Not Rely Only On Supplements Change Your Workout Pattern Every 6-8 Weeks Do Compound Movements Train Your Legs Sleep


Contact us:  [email protected] Website : Compound Movements Compound Movements are exercises that involves multiple joints and muscle groups. Here’s a list of the Best Compound Exercises: Squats Deadlifts Bench Press Military Press PullUps Leg Press


Contact us:  [email protected] Website : Isolation Movements Isolation Exercises are ones that involves just one joint and major muscle group (the participation of other muscles is limited). Here’s a list of the Best Isolation Exercises: Pec Fly Leg Curls Leg Extensions Dumbbell Fly Bicep Curls Tricep Pushdowns Lateral Raises


Contact us:  [email protected] Website : Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the growth of plasma organelles, and non-contractile proteins. This may come from a demand for more glycogen and ATP. Or in other words it is the infusion of various elements like fluid, minerals and nutrients to meet the needs of Muscle Performance during a Strenous Workout. It’s a part of Body’s Survival Mechanism.


Contact us:  [email protected] Website : Top 3 ways to Induce Muscular Hypertrophy Progressive Overload Causing Micro tears or Muscle Damage Muscle Fatigue at Cellular level This is the most basic strategy that most lifters whether Beginners or Advanced, use to gain muscle.


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