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Twilight : 

Twilight This is a summary about the book of twilight . I think You’d like it.

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Beautiful she is a young person of 17 years who is going to live with his father. Her mother married, and she did not want to travel by everybody with her mother and his father in law. In Forks, Washintong had to go to a new school, in which the

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the attention especially called much to him a group of boys: the Cullen Family. What Beautiful it did not know was that these kept a secret. Beautiful one paid attention especially to Edward Cullen, which by coincidence sat down in Biology class, but this it seemed to feel loathing towards her. After lacking one week, Edward returned to the institute, but it seemed to have changed to seem with Beautiful. This caused that Beautiful it felt attracted by Edward. Certain day,

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when Beautiful arriving at the school, Tyler crowley runs over almost it with its van, but, just before being squashed by the car, Edward safe strangely, because it was not so near her and the impact anyway would have affected both, but mysteriously the both left unharmed. Beautiful it feels curiosity to know how it was possible that it saved it to Edward, reason why demands an explanation. But Edward lies to him saying to him that it was to his side. During a time, beautiful and Edward they pass loving adventures spectacular,

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Beautiful knows the Cullen family and one feels truly attracted with the idea of being a vampire, mainly by love to Edward. But Edward refuses, since it thinks that it does not have soul. Beautiful it asks to him Edward it is going if it to comvertir, to be together for always. But Edward refused, because it outside did not want that his last night, the end of his life like human.

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