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B. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, B. Pharm. in Pharmacognosy, B. Pharm. In Pharmacology are some of the best Best Accredited Pharmacy Courses from Singapore


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What Are Some of the Best Accredited Pharmacy Courses from Singapore A pharmacy course may bring your knowledge about drugs and medicines on a par with that of a professionally qualified doctor. In other words it can be one easier and less expensive way to enter the medical field and pursue a bright career. That’s one reason which attracts numerous students towards pharmacy courses in Singapore every single year. If you too have interest in the field here are some of the course options you may wish to know about. Diploma Courses If you don’t have time or money or both you may think of joining a diploma in pharmacy. One completion of the course you may receive a diploma certificate that may help you find a job position like a lab technician or assistant. Some of the top courses in this category include: ● Diploma in pharmacy D. Pharm. ● Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management ● Diploma in Pharmacy Technology Degree Courses When it comes to degree courses in pharmacy there is simply no dearth of choices. Apart from Bachelor of Pharmacy B. Pharm. and Bachelor of Pharmacy Hons there are specialized bachelor level pharmacy degree programs if you target a specific sub-field. Some examples include: ● B. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry ● B. Pharm. in Pharmacognosy ● B. Pharm. In Pharmacology In addition many reputed universities from across the globe award double majors through well- known institutes in Singapore. One good example is that of Bachelor of Science B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and pharmaceutical Science. These courses allow the students to gain combined skills and knowledge of two different though closely related disciplines. Going further you may decide not to restrict your career growth as a pharmacist and choose to add value to your qualifications. In that case you may opt for Master of Pharmacy M. Pharm. or a specialization Master’s level field like: ● Medicinal chemistry ● Nanotechnology ● Pharmaceutical biotechnology ● Pharmacology ● Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and more Needless to say you may even think of a Ph.D. program in the future to further advance your career. Certification Courses Pharmacy technician certification is another option which is in great demand and offers a variety of courses like:

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● Pharmacy security ● Pharmaceutical industry regulations ● Drugs handling and more Most of these courses in Singapore allow the convenience of online learning as well as practical learning at life science laboratories. Direct entry through module exemption is another benefit you may enjoy if eligible for.

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