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How do you sleep on the coldest nights when the winter comes with its fearing cold Most people who live in cold climatic zones use to use a fireplace to warm their rooms. Although sometimes the mere warm coming out of the fireplace doesn’t seem to be sufficient. You might take an electric blanket to cover the situation. But it won’t be still able to solve your problem as it slips off. An electric mattress pad like the Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad can be the right solution here This is one of the best-heated mattress pads available out there. It will ensure warmer sleep throughout the coldest nights. It won’t differ even if you have no ‘fireplace’ in your room. You will be allowed to wear thin and comfortable dresses while sleeping instead of dressing up heavily to keep yourself warm. It’s an easy to use pad which is soft yet durable. The brilliantly engineered therapeutic heated mattress pad is one of the best productions from the “Sunbeam”. The unit will ensure highly therapeutic sleep

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relieving aching muscles along with the desired level of warmness. Although it has received some critics yet it has been appreciated as a good choice. It comes in different sizes. We are going to reveal everything about the electric pad. Key Findings of the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad Review: Why Should You Buy It We follow a different procedure for every single mattress and related product while testing. The specific mattress pad is quite a bit different from many other tested units. Two main reasons behind this difference are that ‘it’s an electronic unit’ and ‘full therapeutic’. So obviously the test result has been different too. We observed the pad for 3 nights consecutively and then once every month for continuous 4 months. Two of our team members used the pad on their bed personally and noted the result every day. They were provided sunbeam therapeutic heated mattress pad queen and sunbeam heated mattress pad king

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individually. We accumulated the results once in a month and after the certain time we came to a decision. Based on that we are writing this Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad Review. Material: Comfort and Safety The top is made of full cotton with full polyester underneath. The firmness is brilliant so it will give you enough support from while sleeping. As you can adjust the temperature so you can keep yourself comfortable throughout the night no matter if the temperature is low or too low. There is a 10-hour auto shut-off feature. With this feature you can sleep tension free as you won’t need to restart the unit or of the unit mid of the sleep. As it automatically shuts-off so you don’t need to think about the long time on/long time run related problems. Even if you forget to switch off the pad still it’s safe to use. The top is machine washable and dryer safe.

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Different Settings for Different Sizes The pad comes in different sizes- Twin Full Queen King California King. Usually you will see that every mattress pad or foundation comes with literally same features and settings. The only difference among them is ‘Sizing”. But this is not the case concerning this product. When you see the sunbeam therapeutic heated mattress pad manual you can understand that some issues are different from one to another. As for example you can think about the numbers of heating zones discussed in the following para Multiple Heating Zones and Settings The Sunbeam Therapedic Heated Mattress Pad has multiple heating zones. The smaller sizes - sunbeam heated mattress pad twin and full have 3 individual heating zones from where the produces and released. On the other hand you will get 6 heating zones in each of the Queen King and California King size pads. Amazingly each of the setting zones has 10 heat settings separately.

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There is a pre-heat setting option that you can use for warming your bed before you getting on it. It will ensure you toasty and soothing feel when you start to lay down which will start until the pad gets off or auto-off. You can choose any of the heat setting from the 10 options of the 6 zones there is auto-adjust feature for constant heat-control. Preventing Aches and Pains This is a complete therapeutic pad with perfect firmness and support. For the people with back pains and aches this can be a good heated choice. If youre someone going through such pain or ache then you can get relief from it by providing heat on the specific area of your body where you have the problems. It will help to promote your blood circulation at the freezing cold.

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You can use the unit unless you need a clear medication to prevent the pain or ache problem. The firmness along with targeting heat might give you a great relief. However we suggest you go to your GP or any specialist at first in that case. The pain relieving advantage is not limited to normal healthy people in the cold winter as the aged people suffering from arthritis can find a great support from it. Warranty and Customer Support It comes with 3-year limited warranty period. It covers design and manufacturing defects. You can contact the customer support center for sunbeam heating pad troubleshooting at any time within the 3 years. So far observed they will try to give you satisfactory support. There is no serious complain against their post sales service although some users have complained.

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Complaints and Flaws: What You Should Consider The product has been appreciated by the users. But one-fifth of the total users have said their dissatisfaction with the unit. This is a bit worrying issue. We are not what you think about the ratio Is it a good product if 4 people out of 5 say the specific unit well Do you want more good impression than this Actually we think it a good choice. However it could be better if the ratio were 4.2:5 or 4.5:5. But 4:5 is not a deal breaker right Why do the 20 people are dissatisfied about the sunbeam heated mattress pad queen or other sizes Let’s check out the key negative we found through the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad Review: Older Wiring Mechanism- The heater wires are large and stiff. Although the cover or top is quite thick and there is very low chance to feel the wire sometimes it might be uncomfortable. We don’t say that this is a regular or common problem but there is a clear possibility to happen this

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Gradual Heat Loss - Pads tend to lose a percentage of their heat every year. So the level of warm you find in the first year cannot be the same on the upcoming years Complicated Wireless Controllers- Ultra-high end wireless controllers are felt complicated to some users Adjustable Auto-Off Unavailable - No adjustable ‘auto-off’ feature slot like 2-hour 4-hour 6-hour etc. So you cannot fix according to your necessity Confusion About Dual Control - Directed as dual control but in practice one physical controller. So you cannot share it with your partner Extra Heat - Sometimes get too hot reported by the users Buzzing Noise - When it turns on you might find buzzing noise

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs ​Q: Does it require much energy A: No it doesn’t use too much energy. Instead you can say it energy saving One of the purchasers and users of the pad stated in Amazon like- “”Who cares It is so nice to have for my aching back I would use it if it costs 100.00 a month to operate. Life without pain is worth every penny.”” Q: Can you select all the heating zones 3 or 6 at the same time A: Yes you can run all the heating at the same time. You can select it according to your requirement too. Q: Does the pad cover the entire mattress or just the top

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A: The pad is completely fitted to the full mattress and covers the corners and sides. Concluding Remarks Despite the shortcomings the Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad ensures the warmest comfort throughout the coldest nights. Your blood circulation will be promoted and pains and aches will be relieved. This is one of the best heated mattress pads that address your pain and aches successfully at the dying cold. As there is a balanced combination of softness firmness and warm so you can rely on this package without thinking much.

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