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The magic of regeneration has always been seen in nature. We humans are discovering its powers NOW! Regeneration can be seen perfectly in sea cucumbers. Their bodies can grow up to three feet long and if cut into pieces, each piece can REGROW into a new sea cucumber. The White-tailed deer can REGROW their antlers and this is the most extreme example of regeneration!

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Lizards have the ability to REGROW their tail within nine months. The human body has so much to offer, we are exploring its capacity to the best!  The starfish have the ability to REGROW their arms and sometimes their whole bodies. Even if the critter is down to one arm, as long as it has its central nerve ring intact, it can grow into an entirely new starfish.  

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What are these magical cells? “Basic unit of life” Stem cells are the body's raw material — from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. How amazing is it that life begins with a single cell!

Where do we find them?:

Where do we find them? Umbilical Cord Blood Umbilical Cord Tissue Bone Marrow Peripheral Blood Other sources under research Dental Pulp Adipose Tissue (Fat) Embryo

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Umbilical Cord Blood Umbilical Cord Tissue Tissue of the umbilical cord (not the blood inside it) Contains Mesenchymal Stem Cells. These have the ability to regenerate tissue, nerve cells and damaged organs. Repairs bone, cartilage and connective tissue. Future treatment may include spinal cord injuries and strokes First clinical trial - 1995 Is now being researched and explored with over 200 clinical trials under way (globally) Blood that flows in the umbilical cord and placenta Contains Hematopoietic Stem Cells. These have the ability to regenerate all types of blood cells . Treats blood related diseases and cancers such as leukemia, anemia, thalassemia and autoimmune disorders. F irst case - 1988 Is now being used to treat over 80 blood related diseases with 30,000 successful transplants (globally)

Disease statistics:

Disease statistics Worldwide, the annual number of new cases of childhood cancer exceeds 200,000 and more than 80% of these are from the developing world. Every year around 32,000 children with Thalassemia are born in India Approximately 8,000 cases (4,400 males and 3,820 females) of Hodgkin's Lymphoma are detected per year . In India, 21% of all Hodgkins disease was seen in children with a marked male female ratio of 5.5:1 Each year approximately 300,000 children are born with sickle cell anaemia or one of its variants and nearly 80 per cent of these births occur in poor socio-economic countries References:;year=2009;volume=46;issue=4;spage=264;epage=273;aulast=Arora 2. 3. 4. Piel FB, Patil AP, Howes RE, Nyangiri OA, Gething PW, Williams TN, et al. Global distribution of the sickle cell gene and geographical confirmation of the malaria hypothesis. Nat Commun . 2010;1:104.[ PMC free article ] [ PubMed ]

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Why should we preserve Umbilical Cord Stem Cells when other sources are available?

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Cell Concentration is almost 10%-20% higher than other sources. Faster differentiation and multiplication potential since they are immature cells unlike adult stem cells from other sources. Less prone to rejection as they have less developed features. Preserved only for your family’s use and no queuing to find a matching donor. Requires only a 4/6 match Case study: Stanford professor dies after long search for bone marrow donor

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells and upcoming uses:

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells and upcoming uses Acquired Hearing Loss : 63 million people in India suffer of acquired hearing loss Cerebral Palsy : In India, it is estimated at around 3 cases per 1000 live births. Congenital Heart Disease : Every year 78,000 infants born with congenital heart disease in India die Juvenile Diabetes : India is home to an estimated 97,700 children with Type 1Diabetes Mellitus Pediatric Stroke : Prevalence of stroke in India range from 44 to 843 per 100,000 population. Traumatic Brain Injury : 1.5 – 2million persons are injured and 1million die every year in India. Autism : India is home to about 10million people with autism. AIDS : India has the 3 rd highest number of people living with HIV in the world with 2.1 million Indians. In a landmark decision, approval given by U.S. FDA for the following diseases. Approvals expected for commercial use as early as 2017

The Berlin Patient :

The Berlin Patient Timothy Ray brown, known as the ‘Berlin Patient’, is the first person to have ever been cured of HIV He received a stem cell transplant in 2008 and has remained off antiretroviral therapy since the first day of his stem cell transplant. Over three years after the initial transplant and despite discontinuing antiretroviral therapy, researchers cannot detect HIV in the blood. Source: Click on the link to watch the video: https:// Defeat HIV : http :// /

Cord blood stem cells and future use:

Cord blood stem cells and future use Acquired hearing loss Autism Paediatric stroke Traumatic brain injury

PM Narendra Modi speaking about stem cells:

PM Narendra Modi speaking about stem cells PM Narendra Modi visited the Stem Cell Research facility at Japan in Sep 2014. He had a conversation with Shinya Yamanaka, Japan’s stem cell pioneer and a 2012 Nobel Prize winner Spoke about concerns regarding the prevalence of sickle cell anaemia among Indians Along with Shinya Yamanaka, Hon PM Narendra Modi discussed about remedy for sickle cell anaemia through stem cells Indian PM Narendra Modi (R) speaking to Japanese Nobel Prize-winning stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka (L) Click here to read more

Cord Blood Transplantation Success Story:

Cord Blood Transplantation Success Story The first successful cord blood transplant was done on Matthew farrow Click here to read the success story Obstetrician from UK with leukemia is helped by cord blood transplant David Hall, 66, from UK, spent 33 years delivering babies and clamping umbilical cords, which became the source of his second chance at life. Click here to read the success story In 1988, Matthew, a 6 year old then, was diagnosed of Fanconi Anaemia. Today, 26 years later, Matthew Farrow is alive and the lucky recipient of the world’s first cord blood transplant .

India's first Cord Blood transplantation was for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at Tata Memorial Hospital in 1996, followed by many more… :

India's first Cord B lood transplantation was for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ( ALL) at Tata Memorial Hospital in 1996, followed by many more… A child from Mumbai, Thane becomes the first patient in India to be cured of thalassemia in 2008 Rishi Bhanushali , a thalassemic major child from Kutch, Gujarat, gets treated in 2009

MPS 6 :

MPS 6 MPS VI  , also known as Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, is one of the rare genetic disorder characterized by complete or partial lack of activity of the enzyme arylsulfatase B. It takes its name from two French Doctors, Dr. Maroteaux and Dr. Lamy , who first described the condition in 1963 The disease can be treated by the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells

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Babycell has recently conducted Asia’s first transplant for MPS 6 patient in Chennai. The patient’s is currently under observation and have shown immense improvements . Pre-transplant Transplant Post - Transplant

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MPS 6 – Patient Video

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1000 Cord blood transfusions were done in India

Hospitals performing Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell transplants in India :

Hospitals performing Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell transplants in India

Doctors Speak:

Doctors Speak Past president: Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India  ( FOGSI) “Stem cell preservation is a smart, affordable, and simple way of ensuring a good life and hope of saving your loved ones from health related problems in future. Umbilical Cord Blood Banking is the most optimum solution available to mankind today !” Dr. Suchitra Pandit , Mumbai Dr. Nayna Patel, Anand

Doctors Speak:

“Babycell services are excellent. They come on time for deliveries. Stem cell banking is very useful for your future family health.” Dr. Vijay Ramanan , Pune Dr. G. Sudha Rani, Hyderabad “ Stem cells can be used to treat 80 blood disorders and many more in near future. Babycell is an institution which you can approach for your needs for stem cell purpose’’ “Best services are provided by your team and also patients are satisfied.” Dr. B. Usha Rani, Hyderabad Doctors Speak

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Doctor speaks: World AIDS day T op doctors from Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad speak about the how umbilical cord blood stem cells have shown ability to treat HIV advising the masses to go ahead with preserving their baby’s stem cells

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Journey with Babycell

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Fill up the h ealth q uestionnaire , personal details, understand the Client Benefits and sign up! Receive Collection Kit and follow instructions mentioned on it. On the day of delivery, carry kit and call us to arrange the collection and transportation. Meet and Receive

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In case you have opted for our phlebotomist, they will collect the sample and hand over to our logistics partner. A special cold chain arrangement with TNT is available 24 x 7 x 365 which handles our biological samples Temperature validated kits for 72 hours Temperature maintained is 18-25 degree Celsius No X-Ray Certificate Data logger report Data logger Collect and Transport

Preserve and Retrieve:

Preserve and Retrieve Strategically located CPC in non-seismic, flood-proof and non-polluting environment On-site engineering team monitors sample to ensure temperature, humidity and pressure maintenance 24 x 7 x 365 Adherence to strict guidelines as per GMP, GCP, GLP, FDA, DCGI and ISO; entry permissible only to authorized personnel Stainless steel construction, fire proof storage area, systems designed to sustain power cut Global shipment to any doctor centre using cryoshipper Take a tour of our Cell Processing Centre TM right now ! View certificates

Cord Blood Processing:

Cord Blood Processing Babycell uses ‘’Double sedimentation spin (DSS) technology’’

Cord Tissue Processing:

Cord Tissue Processing Cord Collection Kit Umbilical Cord is processed and segmented into small pieces. Cells obtained from enzymatic digestion of Umbilical Cord Tissue are transferred into several cryovials The cells are frozen in the controlled-rate freezer, where the temperature is lowered gradually to optimize preservation of stem cells. After the controlled-rate freezing process, the cryovials are transferred for long term cryopreservation at -196°C. Isolation of UCT to give Whole Cell Population (WCP) including MSCs, Epithelial cells and fibroblasts

Exclusive Tests:

Exclusive Tests Total nucleated cell count Total mononuclear cell count Total CD 34+ stem cell count CD 34+ Stem cell viability Sterility testing Colony forming unit (CFU) test for stem cells Blood grouping Maternal blood testing against infectious disease (HIV 1&2, HBsAg , Anti HBC, HCV, HTLV 1&2, CMVIgG , CMVIgM , Syphilis and malaria) Tests for Cord Tissue – Cell count, cell viability, sterility testing and quality – visual check (Babycell is the only cord blood bank that performs this test at the time of preservation. All accreditation authorities endorse CFU and strongly recommend it at the time of preservation and not retrieval)

Colony Forming Unit Assay (CFU):

Colony Forming Unit Assay (CFU) Standardized Milk - 4.5% Fat Content Whole Milk - 3.25% Fat Content Reduced Fat Milk - 2% Fat Content Low Fat Milk - 1% Fat Content Skimmed Milk - 0.5% Fat Content CFU Video

Power of 10:

Power of 10

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A to Z Services

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Reach : National and International

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‘’Babycell Processing Technology is superior to any other banks & the value added services like CFU, HLA Typing, and personalized ANC/PNC sessions are second to none. Thanks Babycell !! ’’ Speaking about CFU and HLA Speaking about their visit to Babycell CPC TM Speaking about Logistics Speaking about New born screening Mr. and Mrs. Bhanushali (Mumbai) Mr. and Mrs. Mulchandani (Mumbai) One of the most important factors to choose Babycell was that their storage facility is close to our city and they had the confidence to invite us to visit the lab to see their operations if we wished . We availed of their services for both our children and have been extremely satisfied till date! Mr. and Mrs. Saini (Kota) “The experience that we had with Babycell , at every phase was superior, like the presentation, coordination done at the time of collection and post sales services. They have worked extremely hard to help us to know the minutest details of the concept.” Mr. and Mrs. Anand “One of the best things about Babycell is their post sales services like the ‘New born screening test’ that they had provided for our new born babies, Aamya and Avin .  The online post-natal sessions for mothers were helpful too. We can completely rely on Babycell for any advice in the future!! Thank you Babycell .” Client testimonials

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“ In our case the delivery happened 5 weeks prior to the predicted date! Babycell exceeded our expectations, with the staff ( Rajeshwari ) immediately arriving at the hospital and staying all night waiting for the delivery. She left only after she had completed the collection of the cord. We are extremely happy and grateful to Babycell.” Speaking about on time collection Speaking about easy plans Speaking about entire process “ D uring the birth of my first child, I wasn’t very sure about the benefits of stem cell banking, but during my second child’s birth, I had enough wisdom and the awareness of the benefits of the banking. When I bought this from Babycell, in my view at that point in time, the offer from Babycell was best in comparison to the other companies. Babycell is reputed and professional and most important part for middle class people like us. It was affordable and the instalment scheme helped us preserve the baby’s stem cells as per our needs. Staying away from India and delivering baby was not an easy decision, whereas collecting stem cell and storing back in India was only in our dreams. With the Babycell overall service from the case owner, supervisor, logistics shipment, delivery, storing and testing cell the entire process were Just in time (JIT) process 100%.  Mr. and Mrs. Rajaram Kannan (Hyderabad) Mrs. Sejal Bhavesh Malde , Thane Mr & Mrs. Sajid Golandaz , Mumbai Mr. & Mrs. Bilwa Speaking about Babycell vis a vis competition Client testimonials

Who we are :

Who we are

Our credit ratings:

Our credit ratings RMS has been rated BB (Stable) by India Ratings and Research – Fitch group RMS financial practices are annually audited by Deloitte and

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Indications: Trauma Disease Condition Injury Caused to the Cartilage in Joints Knee Ankle Shoulder Prevents the progress to Osteoarthritis Defected Cartilage CHONDRON™ I mplantation Complete Regeneration of Natural Cartilage Regrow Your Cells. Rebuild Your Life. Cell Therapy – Cartilage Implantation Click here to view Chondron video

Case 1 (30/M, OCD):

Case 1 (30/M, OCD) Case 2 (25/M, OCD) Case 3 (41/F, Osteochondral Injury) Relook Arthroscopy Intra-op Defect Pre-op MRI Intra-op Defect Chondron Implant set Relook Arthroscopy Post op recovery Chondron Implant set Cartilage Defect Case study

Slide 43:

Indications: Avascular Necrosis Non-union Fractures Fibrous Displasia Bone Cyst/ Cavity Facial/ Oral Bone Gaps and Defects Natural Alternate to Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement Bone Gap OSSRON™ I mplantation Complete Regeneration of Natural Bone Regrow Your Cells. Rebuild Your Life. Cell Therapy – Bone Implantation Click here to view the Ossron video

Case 1 (58/F, Non-union):

Case 1 (58/F, Non-union) Case 2 (37/M, AVN) Post-op MRI Intra-op Defect Pre-op MRI Pre-op MRI Post-op MRI

Case 3 (48/M, Maxillofacial):

Case 3 (48/M, Maxillofacial) Case 4 (38/M, Mandibular primordial cyst) Post-op MRI Ossron Implantation Pre-op MRI Intra-op defect Pre-op MRI Post-op MRI

Cell Therapy – Skin Regeneration:

Cell Therapy – Skin Regeneration Regrow Your Cells. Rebuild Your Life. Burns THERAFORM™ Application Complete Regeneration of Natural Skin Diabetic Foot Ulcers Maxillofacial Cleft palate (roof of mouth)- Birth defect

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Sibling Program:

Sibling Program Babycell’s Sibling Program caters to expecting parents who have a child that is diagnosed with a treatable haematological condition. If assessed to be curable with haematopoietic stem cell transplant, then Babycell will provide cord blood collection, processing and storage completely free of cost for 5 years for the upcoming baby along with financial support up to 5Lacs So far we have registered 15+ clients under our Sibling Program

Donation to CARF:

Donation to CARF Babycell has extended a helping hand to the cancer patients by contributing towards the cancer aid and research foundation through every enrolment.

Go Green initiative:

Go Green initiative This was an initiative with Mumbai Obstetric and Gynecology Society to make a positive contribution to the environment starting at our facility in Lonavala .

Spreading a smile:

Spreading a smile The objective of this program is to restore the normal development and active life of children born with cleft lip & palate. The CSR wing of RMS started to treat children with our innovative Tissue Engineered Collagen product free of cost.



In the News!:

In the News! Click to view published articles of Babycell Regrow


Services Cord Blood Collection + Cord Tissue Collection + Testing , Processing and Preservation for 21 years Colony unit forming assay (CFU) HLA testing Global Shipment Transplant Specialist New Born Screening Father’s Wellness Check Up Mummy & Tummy (Pre and Post Natal Care Sessions)

New born screening:

1 in every 2497 new-born babies in India suffers from Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM). If undetected could lead to lifelong complications including mental retardation, physical disability and even mortality. If IEM’s are diagnosed early in life, treatments as inexpensive as a simple dietary change can ensure a normal life for the baby. We, at Babycell, test new-borns and provide medical advice from experts on diet and medication on detection through our New Born Screening test. New born screening

Babycell’s Additional Support:

Babycell’s Additional Support Regrow Health Cover ( clause 8.1 ) Loyalty Privilege ( clause 8.2 ) Quality Assurance ( clause 8.3 ) Philanthropy Programme ( clause 8.4 ) Life Cover ( clause 8.10 ) Right of Money Back ( clause 8.11 ) Sibling Program ( clause 8.5 ) Stem cell expansion as prescribed by transplant physician ( clause 8.8 ) Collect and transport assist ( clause 8.6 ) Stem cell xpert programme ( clause 8.9 ) Tailor-made Package

For those who want more!:

For those who want more! Babycell™ Biocord Haemoglobinopathy test HLA typing HLA cross matching Full body screening New Born Screening Colony Forming Unit Gift hamper Data Logger facility Maternity photo shoot Home session for ante-natal care Home session for post natal care Quality Assurance upto 30 Lacs Philanthropy program upto 30 Lacs One Treatment Free under Regrow Health Cover

Thank You:

Thank You Like our facebook page or follow us on twitter to get updates on pre and post pregnancy information and interact with new parents just like yourself!

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