How Can I Reduce Protein in My Urine Naturally

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If you are dealing with proteinuria complications, ayurvedic treatment for protein in urine can turn to be the best cure for you


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HOW CAN I REDUCE PROTEIN IN MY URINE NATURALLY? Proteinuria is a medical condition that is characterized by abnormally high protein in urine. Usually, a specific type of protein is present in bloodstream which is called Albumin. This essential protein keeps electrolytes in the blood and stops their leakage. Along with that, it ensures the circulation of electrolytes throughout body. proteinuria may occur due to some temporary medical conditions like stress, fever, dehydration, exposure to cold, etc. However, proteinuria is a primary sign of kidney problem. So, early diagnosis and a proper treatment can help you manage proteinuria effectively. CAUSES OF HIGH PROTEIN There may be various factors responsible for high protein amount in urine. Dehydration, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, glomerulonephritis, autoimmune problems, and chronic kidney disease, etc. Apart from that, many other factors such as intake of certain medicines, dehydration, and intense physical activities may be responsible for protein loss in urine. proteinuria treatment emphasises on managing its causative factors. Source : How Can I Reduce Protein in My Urine Naturally?


TIPS FOR REDUCING PROTEIN IN URINE Along with medicines, some tips can help reduce protein in urine naturally at home. Some of these tips are: Keep your salt intake low. Avoid dairy products, packaged and canned foods Increase your vegetables and fruits intake Limit your protein intake Take sufficient fluid as recommended by the doctor. Manage your blood pressure and blood sugar levels Along with these tests, one should opt for the best Ayurvedic treatment for protein in urine. If you choose modern treatment methods, you won’t get desired results also they have many side-effects and risks associated with them. HOW TO DIAGNOSE ABNORMAL PROTEIN IN URINE? Source : How Can I Reduce Protein in My Urine Naturally?


People with high protein in urine, often don’t know about the problem and live a normal life until the problem advances. With its advancement, one may experience some body indications that are Earlier, no symptoms appear in protein loss in urine. When the problem advances, one may experience some body symptoms which are: Frequent urination Foamy urine Breath shortness Tiredness Nausea or vomiting Poor appetite Muscle cramping Puffiness around eyes, etc. Based on your symptoms, your doctor can suspect you to have any kidney problem. In such a condition, your doctor suggests some laboratory tests to determine protein loss in in urine. The tests conducted are Urine tests, Blood tests, and another kidney functioning test (KFT). Using these tests, your doctor can detect protein amount loss in urine and its cause. The whole treatment depends upon reports of the patient. Source : How Can I Reduce Protein in My Urine Naturally?


Ayurvedic treatment for protein in urine may seem an outdated treatment but let us tell you that it’s the most effective cure for proteinuria. This holistic medical treatment mainly focusses on the internal body imbalances and correcting them naturally. In short, this natural treatment believes in working on the core of the body to correct any internal imbalance and stimulating body’s overall functionality. As a result, Ayurvedic treatment eradicates the complications of protein loss in urine and by curing the causative factors responsible for the problem. Consequently, Ayurvedic treatment for protein in urine cures your problem effectively by fixing the deep causes. In this program, herbal formulations, ancient therapies, a personalized diet and some lifestyle changes are the main elements of the treatment. Consequently, this natural treatment offers a lasting and risk-free cure to protein in urine and helps a patient live a normal life. WHAT IS THE BEST CURE FOR HIGH PROTEIN IN URINE? Source : How Can I Reduce Protein in My Urine Naturally?


On the other hand, choosing Allopathic or conventional treatment can be expensive and not so fruitful. The reason is, this medical science believes in managing complications of a disease instead of the core causes. Allopathic medicines aim to manage complications of a disease but it doesn’t have restorative property. In other words, this healing method can only stop or slow down a problem from progressing but can’t repair the damage occurred in the body. So, the treatment can be taken for the management of a health problem not for its cure. Allopathic treatment does the same task in protein loss in urine. So, it can’t be taken as the best cure for protein loss in urine. Instead, ayurvedic treatment for protein in urine can play a decisive role. OPT for a reputed Ayurvedic kidney hospital like ‘Kidney and Ayurveda’ to acquire the best. Overcome protein loss in urine problem with the help of Ayurvedic treatment. Source : How Can I Reduce Protein in My Urine Naturally?