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Marketing ethics and social responsibility:

Marketing ethics and social responsibility

What is ethics?:

What is ethics? Ethics are the moral principles and values that govern the actions and decisions of an individual or group. They serve as guidelines on how to act rightly and justly when faced with moral dilemmas. Right ? Wrong ?

Definition of marketing ethics:

Definition of marketing ethics Marketing ethics  is the area of applied ethics which deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing. Some areas of marketing ethics (ethics of advertising and promotion) overlap with media ethics.

Marketing Ethics:

Marketing Ethics Customer Service Pricing Distributor Relations General Code Product Development Advertising Standards Corporate Marketing Ethics Policies

Issues in marketing ethics:

Issues in marketing ethics

Ethical Issues & the Marketing Mix:

Customers Product Issues Pricing Issues Promotion Issues Distribution Issues Ethical Issues & the Marketing Mix + Employee Theft

Factors influencing ethical marketing behavior:

Factors influencing ethical marketing behavior

Relationship between marketing and ethics:

Relationship between marketing and ethics a reasonable practice leading to positive relationships. that rules are not necessarily contractual. allows buyers and sellers to work together. disadvantage: requires time to develop a list of expected conduct or “rules of behavior.”

Three concepts of social responsibility:

Three concepts of social responsibility

Social Criticisms of Marketing:

Social Criticisms of Marketing

Social Criticisms of Marketing:

Social Criticisms of Marketing High Prices Shoddy or Unsafe Products Poor Service Deceptive Practices Planned Obsolescence High Pressure Selling Marketing’s Impact on Individual Consumers

Marketing’s Impact on Society:

Marketing’s Impact on Society Too Few Social Goods False Wants and Too Much Materialism Too Much Political Power Cultural Pollution

PowerPoint Presentation:

Marketing’s Impact on Other Businesses Critics Charge that a Company’s Marketing Practices Can Harm Other Companies and Reduce Competition Through:

Case Study Nike:

Nike has been criticized lately about NOT being socially responsible Accusations of overseas sweatshops, child labor, and exploiting lower income U.S. families Nike took the charges seriously and commissioned a study of Nike factories abroad Nike donates more than $30 million in cash and products to sports programs and 3% of earnings to charity CEO Knight – “not sure how we measure good performance in corporate responsibility” Case Study Nike

PowerPoint Presentation: