Social Networking Made Easy with Ning

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By: web20librarian (144 month(s) ago)

Very informative. I'm glad you rendered it in AuthorSTREAM -- not too many CIL speakers do this.

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Social Networking Made Easy with:

Social Networking Made Easy with Karen Huffman 2009 Computers in Libraries

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"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." Plato

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What is a social network?

Facebook = Social Network

Facebook = Social Network Facebook is like… Drinking MEGA amounts of caffeine High-energy dogs (e.g., Border Collie, Greyhound, Jack Russell Terrier)

Ning = Social Network

Ning = Social Network Ning is more like drinking half-café: Cleaner, less hectic interface Site creator/ administrator Multiple security options Developed around a focus, purpose

Examples of National Geographic Sites:

Examples of National Geographic Sites

Examples of Other Sites:

Examples of Other Sites

Personalize the Experience: The Importance of Play:

Personalize the Experience: The Importance of Play

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Marketing & Outreach

PowerPoint Presentation:

Marketing & Outreach

My Favorite Features:

My Favorite Features

Building & Sustaining Communities:

Building & Sustaining Communities Building Vision & goals Passion, creativity, & persistence Time & energy Community drivers & feeders Sustaining Community drivers & feeders Engaged participants, personalized experiences: WIIFM Trust, shared ideals

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