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Compliance Standards General Compliance Written Agreements Regular Business Hours Marketing Compliance Must Contain Principal Location Past Performance Must Be Truthful Projected Savings Must Be Truthful and Disclose if They Contain Member Fees. Clear and Conspicuous Disclosures All Advertisements Must Be Saved For 5 Years

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Disclosures Prior to Contract Cannot Stop Creditors From Contacting Consumer We Are Not Making Regularly Scheduled Payments to Creditors on Client’s Behalf Non-Payment to Creditors May Have a Negative Impact on Client’s Credit Report Creditors May Continue to Charge Interest and Fees Prior to Settlement Debt Negotiation Is Not Credit Counseling, Credit Consolidation, Legal Advice, Credit Repair or a Loan Forgiveness of a Debt Over $600 May Be Reported to IRS All Statements Are Estimations Only and Are Not Intended As Guarantees All Creditor Legal Remedies and Legal Risks Associated With the Debt Settlement Program No Legal Advice May Be Given or Insinuated Unless the Agent Is an Attorney Licensed to Practice Law In That State Must Not Advise Client to Stop Paying Their Creditors Directly Must Not Advise Clients to Avoid Contact With Their Creditors No Promise of When Credit Will Become ‘Remedied’ or Usable Full Explanation of How the Program Works No Overpromising and/or Exaggerating the Program Effectiveness or Results No Emotional Enrollments Card Closure and Non-Use of Credit/Credit Cards Legal Compliance No member shall have been, in the past 3 years, the subject of any action by a governmental unit which resulted in a final judgment of liability or guilt relating to any debt adjusting, debt pooling, prorating, credit service organization, unfair and deceptive trade practices, false advertising, consumer deception law or regulation or any other law or regulation of similar definition or words of similar import that was based on admission of guilt by the member

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