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20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt 20 pt 30 pt 40 pt 50 pt 10 pt Characters Plot Setting and Places Who Said That? Vocabulary

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He spent some time in New York City and was first arrested when he was only 10 years old.

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Who is Dallas “Dally” Winston?

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This character was badly beaten by the Socs, but he had his revenge in chapter 4 when he knifed Bob Sheldon.

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Who is Johnny Cade?

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This red headed Soc not only enjoys watching sunsets, but also spends her time spying for the Greasers.

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Who is Sherri “Cherry” Valance?

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This guy is always happy- go-lucky until his younger brother runs away. He then writes a letter expressing his concern.

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Who is Sodapop Curtis?

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When I woke up I was soaking wet, and there was a dead Soc by my feet. I didn’t kill him, but my best friend did. We are now hiding out from the police. Things got even worse when I had to cut my hair!

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Who is Ponyboy Curtis?

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This is why Ponyboy ran away from home.

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What is because Darry hit him?

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When the boys get back to the church after going to eat, this is happening.

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What is the church is on fire?

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This is how long Ponyboy and Johnny hid in the church before Dally came to visit.

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What is five days?

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This is the major conflict present in the novel. An example of this conflict is when the Greasers fight the Socs at the rumble.

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Who is character vs. character?

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Ponyboy thinks, “Things gotta get better, I figured. They couldn’t get worse. I was wrong.” This quote is an example of what literary device?

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What is foreshadowing?

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This is the name of the small town Johnny and Ponyboy took the train to, in order to escape from the police.

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What is Windrixville?

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The abandoned church that Johnny and Pony fled to was located on this mountain.

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What is Jay Mountain?

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My friend Marcia and I were here when we first met Ponyboy and Johnny.

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What is at the Nightly Double (a drive-in movie)?

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This is the physical setting (where) the novel takes place?

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What is Tulsa, OK?

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This is the decade in which the story takes place.

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What is the 1960s?

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“All Socs aren’t like that. You have to believe me Ponyboy. Not all of us are like that.”

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Who is a Cherry Valance?

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“You don’t ever think, not at home or anywhere when it counts. You must think at school, with all those good grades you bring home, and you’ve always got your nose in a book, but do you ever use your head for common sense? No sirree, bub.”- Chapter 1

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Who is Darry Curtis?

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“Oh, blast it, Johnny! You get hardened in jail. I don’t want that to happen to you. Like it happened to me…”

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Who is Dallas Winston?

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“Stay gold, Ponyboy.”

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Who is Johnny Cade?

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“You know what a greaser is? White trash with long hair.”

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Who is Bob Sheldon?

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This word means: with determination. Clue: My dog Gedly was determined to find his bone.

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What is doggedly?

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This word means embarrassed.

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What is sheepish?

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This word means confusing.

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What is bewildering?

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This word means done without respect for someone.

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What is contemptuously?

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This word means angered by something wrong or unjust.

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What is indignant?

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