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To bridge the gap amid the career and fee structure, Khalifa University has taken a step forward by unleashing 100% scholarship programs for international students. It is now proudly ranking among the best scholarship universities all over the globe.


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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Unite Academic Excellence with Fully Funded Scholarships by Choosing Khalifa University Getting seats in dignified colleges over the borders is nothing but an intimidating task. The reason behind the pressure and unfailing result honestly relates to the cost of study. The pricey fee structure followed by heap donations is crushing the dreams of brilliant students. Furthermore the burden of loan is even more gruesome. To bridge the gap amid the career and fee structure Khalifa University has taken a step forward by unleashing 100 scholarship programs for international students. It is now proudly ranking among the best scholarship universities all over the globe.

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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Full Scholarships are the guiding stars in the life of an aspirant who is endeavouring in brightening the career. The university is well aware of the hard work and the financial clutches a student goes through while designing the career goals. Therefore with the format of full postgraduate scholarship universities for degree students it is trying to add colours in their dreams. At a global upfront a student will come across well- structured and defined graduate postgraduate and undergraduate scholarship based on their academic superiority.

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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Degree program of Khalifa University is undoubted-fully extensive. There is a myriad of options for international students coming from every stream. Here is a quick view of the current programs and scholarships for international students. Students who are willing to pursue their career in the field of engineering can opt for the undergraduate engineering scholarships in Aerospace Biomedical Civil Chemical Petroleum Electrical Computer and so on. Coming over Arts and Science the available programs are petroleum geosciences chemistry applied mathematics and statistics. It will make you think that ‘Am I eligible for fully-funded undergraduate and engineering scholarshipsforinternationalscholarshipsin this u n i v er si ty ’

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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Someaddedbenefitsofscholarshipprograms- In case you are not eligible for the stipend then the university will help you with transport fees for daily and weekly purpose. The qualified students will also be offered with housing fee coverage who are residing more than 80km from the campus location. Mistakesthatstudentsgenerallydo – Most of the students feel excited after seizing the scholarships and fail to remember the correlated norms. If you wish to prolong with the undergraduate or graduate scholarship programs for every coming year then d o n ’ t fail to notice the academic grades.

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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Khalifa University offers a broad spectrum for both UAE nationals and the students who are coming across the borders. Plus the eligibility criterion is seamless. If you are an international student and are willing to make your career in any of the postgraduate or undergraduate courses then all you need is a good CGPA. Let us take help of the numbers for better understanding. An international student requires CGPA between 2.0 to 2.59 to waive off the entire tuition fees. Not only this but the student will also be extended with the preference of a monthly stipend which will fall between 2000 to 4000 AED. Is n ’ t it a wonderful opportunity to grab

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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Asignificantnote – Every international student studying at Khalifa University holding different undergraduate scholarship must sustain a CGPA record. The compulsory prerequisite of CGPA should be either 3.00 or higher. Yes you are right this CGPA should be maintained in every semester to embrace the scholarship. In case if the student is not persistent with the given grades or is incapable of carrying forward with an outstanding track record then there are chances of missing the scholarship. With this you can comprehend with the ongoing graduation scholarship 2019. Therefore if you are adamant towards making your career in one of the best universities of UAE accompanied with fully-funded scholarship opportunities then start with your hard work now. Academic excellence is compulsory to stick to the seats and stay assured about the prospects. Furthermore studying at Khalifa University will indubitably unlock the career doors all over the world.

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https://www.ku.ac.ae/ Contact US Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Campus PO Box 127788 Abu Dhabi UAE T: +971- 2 401 8000 F: +971- 2 4472442 To contact a Khalifa University department or office please refer to the KU Directory. Office Hours: 8 am – 5 pm Sunday – Thursday Closed on public holidays Email: infoku.ac.ae Website: www.ku.ac.ae

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