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How to write a letter:

How to write a letter Writing a letter can be easy if you follow a few simple rules. Take your time and think carefully about WHO you are writing to.

Starting off…..:

Starting off….. Correct addresses: YOUR address (right) Their address (left - but only if it is an official letter, not personal) Date Dear Sir or Madam ( or their actual name…Jim, Anne,Mr.Jones, Miss.Peters, etc..) Indent the first word under ‘Madam’

1st paragraph….:

1st paragraph…. Why are you writing to them ...”I am writing to you to because…..” Explain who YOU are…. Be polite! “I hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I had tell you about..” Be strong (If it is a letter of complaint) eg .” I must inform you that I am not happy with….”

2nd paragraph….. This is the MAIN section of your letter:

2nd paragraph….. This is the MAIN section of your letter You can have more than one paragraph If it is a persuasive letter, then take 1 or 2 points of persuasion for each paragraph Don’t make one enormous paragraph- it looks boring! Use connectives (firstly, secondly, next,…) State each point, then back it up eg. I believe Italy will win the World Cup because they have extreme talent and have greater fitness.

2nd paragraph….cont.:

2nd paragraph….cont. Offer your own opinion on things. eg. I firmly believe that custard is the finest food because it is smooth yet refined Use any planning sheet you have to tick off each point you are making. Use facts to back up your arguments eg. In a recent school survey, 94% of boys would like Kylie as their girlfriend.

Last paragraph…..:

Last paragraph….. This is a concluding paragraph eg. To sum up, I would say that… Give an overall view of the letter. eg. What I am trying to say to you is that I would dearly love you to come and stay with us .

Signing off…..:

Signing off….. If you know them personally - Yours sincerely If you don’t know them - Yours faithfully RE-READ YOUR WHOLE LETTER!!!!

The end:

The end

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