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Scion tC:

Scion tC Team One Augustine Sims Brian Parker Chris Sam KC Geronimo MKTG 490 Summer Session I June 30, 2014 Consumer Behavior Marketing project


Overview Introduction Research Objectives Hypotheses Secondary Research Primary Research Themes Conclusions Limitations Summary


Introduction Introduction

PowerPoint Presentation:

To explore and understand consumers’ emotional relationships with their Scion tC’s , and To explore and understand the origin and nature of their brand attachment and brand love for the Scion tC . Research Objectives


tC owners have brand love towards their cars. tC owners have brand attachment with their cars. tC ownders are brand loyal to their cars. tC owners’ self-concepts are synonymous with their cars’. tC owners tend to think they are trendy and possess a sense of community with other tC drivers. Hypotheses

Secondary Research:

Secondary Research

Primary Research:

Primary Research Methodology Sentence Completion Word Bank In-depth interviews Eligibility requirements Over the age of 18 Resides in Los Angeles/Orange County area Brand loyal to Scion tC 8 Total Participants

Primary Research:

Name Age Gender Education Occupation ??? 27 Male ??? ??? ??? 25 Male ??? ??? Christian 21 Male Student at CSULA Part-time Baby Sitter Austin 22 Male Some college; ARMY Unemployed; plans to join LAPD Danny 23 Male College Graduate N/A Ryan 22 Male College Graduate Sales Rep at AT&T Trina 22 Female Student at CSUF Merchandise Associate at Marshall’s Greg 26 Male College Graduate Medical Technician Primary Research

Primary Research:

Sentence Completion Used to help participant personify their vehicle by expressing the first thing that comes to their mind examples “When I step into my Scion, I feel classy .” -??? “I feel the most comfortable in my Scion when I’m driving at night.” –Christian “When I speed up, I feel excited . When I slow down, I feel relaxed .” –Trina “I might describe my Scion as a car that is right for a college kid that likes to go fast from time to time .” -Danny Primary Research

Primary Research:

Word BanK Contained 15 words gathered from various forums and reviews. Interviewees chose five words that best described how they felt about their car or their relationship with it. Examples: Adrenaline : going fast. -Christian Safe : feels very safe driving the car, even at higher speeds. -Trina Style : thinks his car is very stylish and reflective of his own style. -Greg Primary Research


Themes Reliability Fuel Efficiency Safety Customizability Music Comfort Affordability Individuality Youth First Car

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