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Delegation process by which a manager assigns specific tasks/duties to workers with commensurate authority to perform the job by which the worker in return assumes responsibility for its satisfactory performance and is held accountable for its results

Accountability, Responsibility, and Authority :

Accountability, Responsibility, and Authority


Definition Responsibility and authority are not the same thing but goes hand in hand Responsibility is a duty in which an individual is held accountable for Authority is the power a manager needs to carry out his responsibility have corresponding authority to carry out responsibility usually handed down to a manager from his immediate superior


Authority Delegation of Authority 3 primary aspects of Delegation Reasons Rights Principles


Authority includes both the right and power related to the nature and amount of responsibility stems from the willingness of subordinates to accept orders from their superiors Flows down from a line of command

Delegation of Authority:

Delegation of Authority done when manager cannot do all the work authority delegated to subordinates is clear organization chart shows the formal power structure in the company

3 Primary Aspects:

3 Primary Aspects Assignment of duties and functions Giving of authority sufficient to accomplish the result expected Holding the subordinate accountable or responsible for his actions




Reasons saves time can help develop others maximizes the use of the talents of staff associates uses latent abilities in personnel


Reasons staff members learn by doing involvement tends to increase their motivation and commitment to accomplish goals while freeing the manager to manage reduces managerial costs




Rights Task should be within the scope of the person’s practice and consistent with the job description Person should have the appropriate license or certificate, an appropriate job description, and demonstrated skill


Rights Communication should be clear, concise, complete, and correct Feedback should ask for input, get the person’s recommended solution to the problem, and recognize the person’s efforts



“Begin with the end in mind.”:

“Begin with the end in mind.” it is important for the manager to specify the results desired from the delegation it is motivating to specify the importance of the task

“Delegate completely.”:

“Delegate completely.” the manager should be clear as to whom accountability is being assigned, for what task, when the work is to be completed, and how and to whom the result are to be reported the level of initiative should be clarified when the assignment is made

“Allow participation in the delegation of assignments.”:

“Allow participation in the delegation of assignments.” when workers understand, have the knowledge and skills, find the assignment consistent with their values and interests, and have input into what is delegated to them

“Establish parity between authority and responsibility.”:

“Establish parity between authority and responsibility.” balance responsibility with authority to do the job “Work within the organizational structure.” delegate down through the hierarchy do not skip people in line authority to get to the people closest to the situation

“Provide adequate support for delegated tasks.”:

“Provide adequate support for delegated tasks.” give people what they need to do the job or explain why desired resources are not available “Focus accountability on results.” close monitoring of the process “destroys the five dimensions of empowerment”

“Delegate consistently.”:

“Delegate consistently.” use delegation to empower and develop others, not to get rid of unpleasant tasks “Avoid upward delegation.” ask workers to make recommendations rather than to ask for advice or assistance if asked for advice, respond with questions like “What do you think we should do?”

“Clarify consequences.”:

“Clarify consequences.” identify the impact the task has had on the organization and consumers give rewards for success even if the are so simple as a thank you for a job well done