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Time for a robbery:

Time for a robbery Digital Storytelling

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Author: John Escott ז'1: Class Date: 25.12.2011 By: Kfir Moshe

Content-the main character:

Content -the main character Jake and Ros is the main character on this story. Jake and Ros live near the sea in the south of England, they like to visit old buildings.

Content-the problem and solution on the story:

Content- the problem and solution on the story Jake and Ros visit on a castle, and suddenly one security guard comes into the castle. He is carrying a bag of money. Two men run to the security guard and take the money (problem). Ros look her watch and say its 9 o’clock. But the castle clock showed a different time and his hand did not move. Ros say to the security guard to open the clock because the clock is out of order, the guard open the clock and he saw the money bag (solution).

Clock picture:

Clock picture

My evaluation:

My evaluation I like to check sometimes what is the hour, but I don’t like to wear a clock, like Ros. I also like to walk around in old buildings but not with a friend and without parents.