SILO Cartridge Filter, heavy equipment filter, truck filter


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kfilter bag is used to clean all dirt and oil particles also helpful in cleaning the air. Making the air fresh and dirt free. Kfilter has various types.


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Dust Collection Filters:

Dust Collection Filters

About Us :

About Us KFITLER  found in 1996 which means Knowledge, with more than 22 years’ experience in the field of filtration and purification. . 

K Filter Services:

K Filter Services SILO Cartridge Filter heavy equipment filter truck filter   , gas turbine filter   dust collection filter   automobile filter   pocket filter   generator filter grease trap  filter housing  carbon filter   HEPA filter   

 Self Cleaning Filters:

  Self Cleaning Filters With a large vary of self-cleaning filters to fit your distinctive process needs; you'll be rest assured that your liquid merchandise is free from contamination. All our industrial filters are supported the high performance whereas  Self Cleaning Filters  are available in a spread of materials, those created out of chrome steel, corrosion resistant metal alloys (Hastelloy), metal laminates, and golden filter mesh are the most effective choices. Self-cleaning backwashing filters fictitious from the most effective materials provide important advantages that include:

Filter Bag :

Filter Bag Oil Absorbent Spill , Heavy Equipment Filter  and   Bag Filters  are just some of the wide selection of  filter  media that Rosedale Products offers.

Compressor Filter :

Compressor Filter Shop for high quality Compressor Air Line Filter today at KFilter. Our compressor filter helps to remove dirt from the oil and keep your machine to work efficiently.

Oil Absorbents spill:

Oil Absorbents spill Oil Absorbents Spill are the foremost common parts in most spill kits. All spill cleanup pads and rolls are oil absorbent and capable of absorbing hydrocarbons like oil, fuel oil, gasoline, and lubricating substance oil. 

Electrostatic Air Cleaner:

Electrostatic Air Cleaner  Electrostatic Air Cleaner  filters clean the air by using static electricity - a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon.

Contact Us:

Contact Us AL NAHADA ARABIAN TRADING WLL, Doha, Qatar. Tel:  +974-66691714 Cell:  +974 – 66 69 17 14/ 66 33 89 54, Fax:  +974-44362382


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