Lessons from Kevin Bratch on How to Make a Fortune Doing Real Estate

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Lessons from Kevin Bratch on How to Make a Fortune Doing Real Estate:

Lessons from Kevin Bratch on How to Make a Fortune Doing Real Estate


Meet Kevin Bratch Real Estate Investor account on Issuu and find someone who has succeeded and made a fortune in real estate. He has built his name in the industry and shown that someone can start from nothing to become a revered expert. Kevin Bratch is a real definition of how to start small and grow big over time.


From being a laborer in the masonry shop of his father, he got the right mentorship from a real entrepreneur. Through this level of operation, Kevin Bratch learned how the industry operates, how to handle risks, and business ownership tricks and strategies.


With those entrepreneurial skills, he started his own business that constructed homes for single families.


That would kick start his career in the industry and all through, he believes the quote of Andrew Carnegie, "Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate". Over time, with believing big, Kevin Bratch has worked consistently to make a living, employ others, and become a role model to others who desire to make it like him.


Of course, the industry has challenges and risks. But a true investor will not attend pity parties when things go wrong. They start over again and again until everything falls in place. That is How Kevin Bratch Made his Fortune Presentation on Slides . Kevin Bratch now operates in multiple countries including Canada, British Columbia, the United States of America, among others.


He is still expanding his territories and working to give families a new residence. He acquires property, makes it look better, and sells or leases it. Even as he makes profits for himself, his clients also get a bang for their buck. Kevin Bratch understands that anyone can become wealthy just like himself by starting small.

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