A Short Bio about Kevin Bratch

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Kevin Bratch’s career advanced based on ambition, hard work, dedication, and excellent problem-solving abilities.


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A Short Bio about Kevin Bratch:

A Short Bio about Kevin Bratch


Born in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Kevin Bratch was brought up in a wonderful atmosphere of his father’s work ethic and honesty. Not knowing what to pursue, he started working in his dad’s masonry company in 1998. While doing mostly clean up work for Brick and Block masons, he learned about various business operations, how a business is run and what are the risks associated with business ownership and entrepreneurship.


Kevin Bratch ’s career advanced based on ambition, hard work, dedication, and excellent problem-solving abilities.


After gaining a piece of extensive market knowledge, he became a real estate investor in 2009 and since then, he has helped various clients with real estate investments.


He is completely unperturbed by the idea of investing in real estate to increase profits. He knows that financial markets are chaotic and people may find it difficult to figure out where and how to invest their properties.


He has assisted various clients to obtain financing for their real estate purchases and refinancing properties. Financing provided him with a diverse knowledge of how the banking system works and how to structure financing options for purchasing real estate. Kevin Bratch’s unmatched devotion to his clients has made him one of the most reliable, professional, and knowledgeable real estate investors in his area.


Kevin Bratch is known for the unmatched success in the real estate field. In 2018, he also started a Mortgage Investment Corporation to help various people with real estate purchases. Since 2009, he has also been investing in real estate personally.


His investing model has varied from buying and holding as a rental property to buying, rehabbing/renovating and selling a property to leasing option purchases. Kevin Bratch has started investing not only in British Columbia, Canada but also in Washington and a few other states in the USA.


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