Harry Coumnas Develops an Artificial Leaf That Can Photosynthesize

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Harry Coumnas Develops an Artificial Leaf That Can Photosynthesize:

Harry Coumnas Develops an Artificial Leaf That Can Photosynthesize http://harry-coumnas.blogspot.com/

Harry Coumnas:

Harry Coumnas In order to survive in the outer space, humans need a steady supply of oxygen . Unfortunately, lack of oxygen has always been of one of the most persistent challenges of manned space exploration .

Harry Coumnas:

Harry Coumnas Although many artificial O2 generators have been created in the past, none is as effective as they need to be.

About Synthetic Leaf:

About Synthetic Leaf Recently, Harry Coumnas , a post-graduate student at a leading science college of Germany created a synthetic leaf , which according to him can photosynthesize .


Though the leaf is yet to be examined by experts, Harry has already become a sensation on social media . About Synthetic Leaf


About Artificial Leaf While interacting with people through his social media account, Harry Coumnas shared how he developed the leaf.


About Artificial Leaf “This artificial leaf is created with a matrix of protein which has been extracted from silk & chloroplasts – organelle which allows plants to perform the process of photosynthesis . When provided water and light, this leaf acts like a real leaf & produces oxygen.” wrote Harry Coumnas .


Synthetic Leaf - Harry Coumnas Harry also shed light on many other important details of his synthetic leaf , like its light weight, low energy consumption, etc. “This development will definitely help make long distance space journeys easier.” he continued.