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Desi Gir A2 Cow Ghee Health Benefits A2 Desi Ghee as the name suggests comes from Desi Gir cow’s milk. It is the purest cow ghee you can get. A2 milk is best for muscle and bone health kids and pregnant women as it is enriched with a milk protein named “A2 beta-casein” which has anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. A2 milk also doesn’t cause allergies in people suffering from lactose intolerance. Kesariya farm is the leading manufacturer and distributor of A2 organic Cow ghee and milk products in India. The farm feeds Desi Gir cows with pure water and top quality fodder breeds them and keeps them happy with unconditional care and love. Why A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee has a Great Demand A2 pure cow ghee obtains its golden yellow color from the natural beta-carotene pigment. It is also rich in vitamin C vitamin B12 iron protein calcium and omega-3 fatty acid. Hence it deserves to be part of your daily recipes. According to research it has all the healthy properties found in mother’s milk. Desi Ghee is a healthier alternative to oil butter and margarine. It is even better when it is rich in A2 Beta-Casein and extracted from Desi Gir cow’s milk. Kesariya farm produces Desi Gir Cow milk without any adulteration pesticides and chemicals. Hence Gir Cow Ghee retains its unique aroma and taste that is missing in regular commercial milk products. Health Benefits of Pure A2 Gir Cow Ghee Along with dietary purposes and health benefits spiritual importance is attached to the Pure Gir cow ghee. According to ancient Vedic science pure desi cow ghee purifies the environment and air when used for Hawan and Agnihotra fire. Here are some of the health benefits of A2 Desi Cow Ghee –  No Adulteration: Gir is the oldest indigenous cow breed in India. We feed them with only organic immunity-boosting herbs and fodder in a friendly and hygienic environment. On the other side milking cows are mostly used to produce A1 milk for all products like curd ghee butter cheese paneer etc. Those milking cows are crossbred. Their milk has A1 beta-casein which is full of mutation. As a result it causes inflammation bloating gas and lactose intolerance.  A2 Cow Ghee is 100 organic: All the branded and commercial dairy products you see in the market come from A1 cow’s milk. But our A2 cow ghee is 100 organic that comes straight from the farm.  Loaded with Micro-Nutrients: Along with vitamin B2 and A A2 Cow Ghee India is enriched with more protein calcium and iron than A1 varieties. You can get up to 8g of protein in one class of A2 cow’s milk. Also A2 cow ghee has more healthy fats than other Desi ghee varieties in the market.

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 Helps in Weight Loss: A2 Desi cow ghee has butyric acid which improves BMR helping in weight loss. It contains CLA acid which further reduces the LDL cholesterol level.  Improves Digestion: A2 cow ghee contains butyric acid which improves digestion by nourishing intestinal cells. Take a tablespoon of A2 desi ghee in your regular food to improve digestion relieve constipation and improve detoxification.  A Great Immunity Booster: A2 Desi Ghee contains all the nutrients in enough quantities that are needed to boost immunity such as vitamins A C D E and K and zinc. Besides A2 desi ghee also improves bone density helps treat broken bones improves heart health heals wounds cures headaches lubricates joints fights insomnia and asthma and improves sleep quality. Visit for Organic A2 ghee brand in India Buy Organic A2 desi ghee India A2 ghee at best price in Mumbai Organic A2 cow ghee suppliers Mumbai Top A2 organic A2 ghee in India A2 ghee at best price India Organic A2 ghee suppliers India Best Organic desi A2 ghee India Desi A2 ghee India.

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