Benefits Of Ghee In Winter

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Benefits Of Ghee In Winter Winter is when our cravings know no bounds and we end up indulging in fried samosas and hot patties making our diets go for a toss. So it becomes extremely important that we try to eat as healthy as we can to compensate for the same. As per Ayurveda and several studies the consumption of desi ghee in nominal amounts as part of one’s regular diet is considered immensely beneficial for health. Desi ghee or a type of clarified butter made with cow’s milk should be on your plate even in winter. Healthy skin Winter season leads to dry and itchy skin due to lack of moisture. Adding ghee to your diet not only provides the essential fats needed for skin growth and maintenance but also retains moisture providing you with healthy glowing skin in winter. For chapped and dark lips Take a drop of ghee on your fingertip and massage it gently over your lips until soaked. Leave it overnight. Next morning you will wake up with soft and supple lips. For dark circles Give your under-eye creams and serums a break and try ghee instead. It’s cheaper and surely better. Apply ghee on your eyelids and under your eyes every night before sleeping. Wash it the next morning with plain water. For dull skin Revive your dull skin by adding ghee to your face pack. Mix ghee with raw milk and besan to make a thick paste. Apply it over your face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes before washing with cold water. Helps you stay warm Just one tablespoon of ghee every day during winters can help you stay warm and healthy. This is because of the fat content in ghee. Additionally many forms of dietary fat — foods like olive oil and avocado — are now considered hunger-satisfying additions to a healthy diet. While experts still disagree about saturated fat some no longer consider it an obvious health risk. Nutrient-dense While ghee takes longer to make than some other types of clarified butter it retains more vitamins and nutrients thanks to its low-heat preparation. It is a source of vitamin E vitamin A antioxidants and other organic compounds. Energy booster Panjiri made of ghee is immensely beneficial for health.

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It contains medium and short-chain fatty acids “of which lauric acid is a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance”. You can make delicious ladoos or panjiri with ghee and dry fruits and have it right in the morning for a much-needed energy boost. Helps prevent cold and cough Cold and cough are respiratory issues are common during winter. Regular consumption of ghee is known to make the immune system healthy which helps the body fight infections. Boosts metabolism Being rich in butyric acid ghee can help in lowering inflammation and improving the digestive system. It also helps in the stimulation of stomach acid secretion which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Helps in weight loss Ghee comes packed with essential amino acids that help in reducing belly fat. The presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids helps you lose body fat. Despite the numerous benefits one must ensure that their intake of total fat including ghee does not exceed the prescribed limit of fat consumption. People with cholesterol problems should be extra careful. Benefits Of Ghee: 5 Reasons Why Ghee Is A Must This Winter For Immunity Health And Beauty Winter is around the corner and the preparations for the same have begun in full swing. The winter gears are out so are our coziest quilts and blankets. Our kitchens too are set to undergo a revamp of sorts. Summer coolers would soon give way for warming concoctions summer gourds would be replaced by winter greens like spinach methi and bathua. One of the most famous and loved winter staples in a typical desi household is ghee or clarified butter. It is part of almost every signature winter dish or dessert. Ghee has been an Ayurvedic favourite to treat a variety of winter woes. Lets find out what makes ghee your best friend this winter: 1. Helps Keep You Warm From Within: According to Ayurveda our foods too are of certain nature warming cool and neutral. Ghee is said to be a warming food. It is one of the best things to include in

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your kitchen pantry this nippy season. You can add it in your sabzis or even apply a spoonful of it on rotis. 2. Good Source Of Energy: Ever wondered why you have suddenly started to feel sluggish more often nowadays One of the reasons could be the change of season. During winters you are not your active best. ghee is a good source of energy. It contains medium and short-chain fatty acids "of which lauric acid is a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance." You can make delicious ladoos or panjiri with ghee and dry fruits and have it right in the morning for the much-needed energy boost. 3. Soothes Cold and Clears Clogged Nose: Cold cough and mucous-filled nose are possibly the worst aspects of winter. Ayurveda has an interesting nasal drop remedy that may help soothe clogged nose. Ayurvedic experts call it the Nyasa treatment for cold and it involves pouring a few drops of warm pure cow ghee into the nostrils. Make sure the ghee is pure and warmed to lukewarm temperature. It is also a good idea to consult an Ayurvedic expert before you actually start with the treatment. 4. Great For Skin: Ghee is loaded with vital fatty acids that can help nourish dull and dry skin. It also helps in hydrating skin cells. Heres How To Make Ideal Ghee Face Mask For Supple And Glowing Skin: 1. Mix 2 tablespoons of ghee 2 tablespoon of besan or haldi and water in a bowl. Stir the mixture thoroughly. 2. Make sure that the consistency is firm but not dry. If you find the mixture too watery then add besan or haldi to it. 3. Mix the paste well and apply it on your face. Let it sit for 20 minutes rinse it off with cold water. Repeat thrice a week for best results. 5. Keeps Constipation At Bay: From greasy fries fried patties and all things indulgent our winter cravings know no bounds. These foods may not have the best of effect on our digestion. "Taking 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls of ghee in a cup of hot milk at bedtime is an effective but gentle means of relieving constipation" notes the book. Visit for Farm fresh Organic A2 ghee Buy Gir Cow A2 ghee Online Desi A2 ghee India A2 ghee at best price India Best quality A2 ghee India Handchurned A2 ghee in India Buy A2 ghee Online India Organic A2 ghee brand in India Buy Vedic A2 ghee at best price in India Organic A2 cow ghee suppliers India A2 ghee in India Grassfed A2 ghee in India A2 ghee in India.

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