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Congratulations CNN : 

Congratulations CNN and congratulations especially to Mr. Tony Harris and Mrs. Dona Brazil who fought for truth in the Shirley Sherrod saga. As an African storyteller I’m deeply moved by the way the White House, Secretary of the USDA, and the media (specifically Fox news) have handled this issue. Many think of this to be a compelling case. An outstanding woman’s story of redemption; beginning with the start to a national conversation on race, the incitement of division through shrewdly skewing information, a wake up call and much more. The bottom line remains the same, most people still avoid talking about the real issues. Since race is a highly sensitive issue, let us move beyond race by learning how animals in the forest handled a Sherrod-like controversy through a comprehensive approach. Congratulations CNN

The Trouble Maker Turtle : 

By tradition Tuesday was a day of festivity, a day which gathered the majority of the animals. Tambourines, games, songs and folk dancing enhanced the color of a big festive day. All of a sudden, the Turtle who took part in the festivity felt bloated from a pain in her stomach. She felt obligated to step aside. Stepping behind a big pumpkin she released a liberating gas pleasantly relieving the pain. Unfortunately, this relief was to the detriment of the attendees. Immediately afterwards, an irritating and asphyxiating odor invaded the venue. The intensity of the odor caused all the attendees, even a fly, to disperse and begin their separate ways. The Trouble Maker Turtle

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The fly decided to find shelter in a remote forest to regain her strength. She began to sing “Ziiiibou, Ziiibou, Ziiibou”. With that momentum, the fly entered the forest void of worry for obstacles or whomever she may disturb. In doing so, the snake was the first to fall prey to her carelessness. Because he was not yet fully awake, the snake interpreted the noise from the fly as the following threat: get away from here because if I catch you, you will regret. You will regret it, you will regret it, and you will regret it! Frightened the snake fled without trying to know from where the threat came. On a tree branch there stood a monkey. Ordinarily the monkey codifies the snake as one of the most dangerous creatures in the forest.

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. Watching him flee at such speed made the monkey assume something life-threatening was occurring. Without an ounce of hesitation, he too fled jumping from branch to branch. But in his risky trajectory he recklessly jumped to a dry branch. The branch then broke causing him to fall to the bottom of a tree and onto an injured deer. The deer, unable to walk, was waiting to recover. While the monkey was looking for ways to apologize, the deer was unable to transcend the pain and began to howl. The sounds from the howl made a nearby elephant recall an unfortunate hunting event. Recalling the hunting event alarmed the elephant. In his turn, the elephant started to flee. He spread the forest, rubbing some trees and subsequently, caused the wind to intensify.

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The wind carried in itself a fire spark from the savannah to the forest which led the forest to catch fire. This is how the antelope got surprised by the flames which burned one of her hind legs. The antelope ran to the river in order to soothe herself from the burns. Unfortunately when she soaked her hind leg in the water, it went straight in the eye of the crocodile and pierced his eye. Angered and deprived of his eye the crocodile went to complain to the king of the forest, the lion. The lion then convoked the antelope ready to hold her responsible for her action. The antelope narrated her version of the story which led the lion to believe her innocence. This led the lion to try and figure out who was responsible for the fire in the forest.

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Witnesses stated the chronology of the events. Consequently the lion traced back sequence by sequence the order of the story and finally held the turtle responsible. Though all the food at the festivity was raw and there was no cook present, to divert the gathering, the turtle made a starling statement and shamelessly threw the responsibility on a fictitious cook. Then with an intriguing statement she asked if the cook intentionally poisoned the food or if it was all unintentional. Outraged by the turtle version and diversion, the gathering booed making her realize her defense was an insult to their intelligence. The turtle was booed over and over again because it was not the first time she bothered an organic course of social events. Now her addictive behavior to denial made her famous in the most despicable of ways. To stop the frantic booing of the gathering, the lion wielded the gravel and irrevocably condemned the turtle as a trouble maker and a foe to social peace.

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In substance, through logic and wisdom the animals were able to overcome their anger and prejudice. Similarly human beings can too come together and transcend the race issue. Unfortunately caught in the traps of color, we lose track of sound logic, forgetting that without piercing the abscess of racial prejudice through a relevant and comprehensive approach, social peace will remain an unachievable dream. Mrs. Sherrod’s issue shows that race in America is not only a symptom of a much bigger issue but also a taboo subject for which people shy away, express poor judgment and fail to ask the relevant questions. Thus, it is no surprise to see people point a finger before first asking, “who edited the clip”. Fortunately there is hope because animals are no more logical than us, human beings. May the turtle story which resonates with Sherrod’s saga raise our collective awareness.   Story written by Noelle Bizi Bazouma, copyright 2010.

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