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my life and my friends :)


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My Life As A Teenage Human:

My Life As A Teenage Human





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August 8 th , 2008. I will never forget the day me and Kaila officially became best friends. We’ve seen each other at the worst. We had so many good memories together. We’re the ones you’ll find laughing at nothing, laughing at each other’s facial expressions, or just laughing at the way we said something. Kaila, I love you ♥



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Facebook is magical. I met this girl on Facebook in the summer of 2011. I was in California at the time visiting. When I came back to Georgia, she was not too far away. Me and Jasmine have a connection…Yes we used to like each other. My reason? What’s NOT to like?! I love this girl ♥



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I hated this girl when I first met her. She has a smart mouth. But I found myself becoming best friends with her. We talked to each other about our relationship problems all the time. She helped me understand women, I helped her understand men. Hopefully, I can spend more time with Kaitlyn, I love you so much Rubber Duckie ♥



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My Francisca. What else is there to say? We’ve gotten into so many fights over the most stupidest things. Despite all the negativity, we’ve had a number of good laughs and moments. From prank calls to hilarious stories. I love my Francisca ♥



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I hope you got your camera ready ‘cause this girl LOVES to take pictures! She can take a picture everyday and NEVER get bored! I love my Dezarae ♥



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This is my little sister. You wanna mess with her? You’ll have to get through me first. Imani got a smart mouth at times but she’s HILARIOUS! I love her to death. Our good ole’ prank calls are something I really miss. We bumped heads a lot…that’s why I bought a bunch of icepacks from W algreens…they were on sale… I love you♥



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Me and Emoni have gone on a roller coaster of our problems for a long time now. At one point in time, I wanted her out of my life. Then, I realized I could hardly live without her. I love her oh so much. Ever since she left Campbell, I’ve been missing her and honestly, Emoni, I want you to come home. I love you ♥

My New Friend: Jasmine:

My New Friend: Jasmine

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This is my 3 rd block buddy. I’m going to teach her how to play the guitar. Pretty soon, I’ll know her like the back of my hand. I love you ♥

Last But Not Least: Kaia:

Last But Not Least: Kaia

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Kaia, Why must you be so intelligent? I have to get my dictionary for every sentence you say. When I first saw you, I couldn’t live life without ATLEAST being your friend. You make me smile. I love you ♥

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We sadly interrupt this because…Francisca………………Wanted to have four pictures on here. Here are the other two.


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